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Actions for the Earth

China Airlines Environmental and Energy Policy

While pursuing business development, China Airlines recognizes the value and irreversibility of the environment, and understands the corporation's responsibility and obligations to protect natural resources and the environment. Based on this understanding, China Airlines has not only published” the Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles” by the Board of Directors, but also established principles and policies of environmental and energy management. In conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), China Airlines enforces several ECO strategies through sound risk management mechanisms to ensure that the context and operations of our organization are moving towards environmentally friendly and low-carbon energy-saving sustainable development. 

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Forest and Biodiversity Conservation

China Airlines recognizes that forest and biodiversity conservation contribute to climate stability and the sustainability of agriculture, food, public health, and economics. Moreover, they are key foundations for building global climate and environmental resilience. China Airlines has implemented the transportation policy of embargoing shark fins and experimental primates, has prohibited the use of protected species as food ingredients in the Groups’ service, has signed the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration, and also has pledged to lead the Group and supply chain partners to jointly promote the operation of No Net Loss of biodiversity and Zero Deforestation through responsible procurement and supplier management practices. With continuous implementation of China Airlines’ “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles”, “Environmental and Energy Policy Statement”, “Sustainable Supply Chain Management Policy Statement”, “Supplier Code of Conduct”, and “Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Commitment”, we aim to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and combat global illegal wildlife trade.

China Airlines has incorporated environmental sustainability into operational priorities in order to improve the operational eco-efficiency, and to support global biodiversity conservation actions. We kindly invite you and all stakeholders to join our environmental pledge, not to transport illegal wildlife and related products and to take actions against illegal wildlife trading. Together we can promise the Earth and our next generation a sustainable, beautiful future.

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