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Member Name Input Examples

게시: 2023년 06월 27일

Guidance for travelers inputting identity when joining Dynasty Flyer Reward Program

  • Please enter the name shown on the passport. Do not enter spaces or punctuation.
  • If the name ( in English letters) is longer than 53 characters, please input your name until it does not fit the space provided, and please call our branch offices or customer service for assistance when purchasing flight tickets via your personal account.

  • First and last name present in passport
    Last name in passport: WANG
    First name in passport: CHUN-HAO
    Last nameFirst Name

  • Only first name or last name present in passport
    Name in NEENARANI
    Gender: Female
    Please input your name in ‘Last name’, and fill in title(MR/MS) in ‘first name’ field.
    Last nameFirst Name

  • Wife adopts husband's last name
    Last name in passport: CHEN, WANG
    First name in passport: SHUFEN
    Last nameFirst Name

  • Name with Suffix
    Last name in passport: WASHINGTON
    First name in passport: GROVER
    Last nameFirst Name

  • Middle name present in passport
    Last name in passport: WONDER
    First name in passport: EDWARD
    Middle name in passport: RICHARD
    Last nameFirst Name

  • One-letter last name
    Please input your last name twice in last name field.
    Last name in passport: E
    First name in passport: YOKO
    Last nameFirst name

  • Guidance for Vietnamese name input
    Last name: NGUYEN
    Middle name : THI LINH
    First name:QUYEN
    Last nameFirst name