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Design Story

China Airlines has been embracing the core values of "Cultural Creativity, Technology, Environmental Protection, Passion, and Trust" to present the cultural creativity prowess and lifestyle aesthetics of Taiwan on the international stage and let travelers experience a completely different China Airlines through our global network.
A350 Cabin

Introduction to A350 Cabin

The A350's interior inherits that of the 777's NextGen interior cabin with the theme of Asian aesthetics. Passengers will be able to recognize China Airline's unique cabin upon sight from the large finishes of persimmon wood grains. Feel right at home at the sight of familiar design. Walking into the cabin is not only a walk into nature, but also a walk into a comfortable seat covered by soft linens and smooth leather. It is a seat where your mind and body can find comfort, where the anxiety of flying is greatly reduced.

China Airlines has had a glorious history, but is always seeking to outdo itself. As an airline with rich human capital accumulated from the past, the design of the new cabin fuses creativity to give the cabin just the right touch of warmth and hospitality. Persimmon, a fruit whose tree is symbolic to good wishes, is an emblem to wishing every passenger a pleasant journey. Apart from the wood grain finishes, the cabin is also covered in a dark carpet with geometric images of the persimmon fruit. Between each seat in every cabin you will find a metallic stitch design of different materials as well as a hidden second layer of royal blue. These minor details deviate from the traditional uni-color design. Looking from afar, the clashing dark gray and pink in economy class not only bring vitality into the cabin, but symbolize China Airlines' blossoming plum flowers. Looking closely, you will find traces of traditional Chinese Song aesthetics in the cabins and in your seats. Small surprises await you everywhere! The 12 kinds of mood lighting throughout the cabin, combined with detailed halo layer effects, will offer passengers a different flying experience!

Flying is an experience which not only brings wonderful imaginations, but is also a start of a journey. We have reinterpreted the oldest metaphor with contemporary creativity in the A350 cabin, hoping to let each passenger feel our change.

777 Cabin

Introduction to 777 Cabin

The three-cabin design creates three consistent Song-dynasty scholar scenarios: The Business Class cabin is a scholar's study, with night light for reading; the Premium Economy Class cabin is an academy in the mountains, serene and refined; and the Economy Class cabin is scholars in the society, comfortable and pleasant. When entering the cabin, you will immediately feel China Airlines' unique Song-Dynasty scholarly aroma through the cabin design featuring implicit Song-Dynasty aesthetics, graceful and fashionable cabin crew, and all kinds of dining articles inspired by Song-Dynasty utensils. The application and presentation of cabin aesthetics showcase the selected elements that differ from the past and best reflect the brand new China Airlines. Through this, we are to achieve a perfect balance between classic aesthetics and modern technologies and deliver a consistent design atmosphere and NexGen brand spirit to fully interpret the image of "Cultural Creativity, Technology, and Environmental Protection." We expect every passenger to experience the heritage of passion and trust  through our cabin space and new service procedure.

Sky Lounge

A350/777 Sky Lounge

Flight is not just a method of movement anymore. It not only leads the culture exchange between the West and the East, but also guides travelers to their dreams. We found that a wonderful flight experience is the most expected fancy of people. Therefore, we come up with an idea to establish a precedent in Taiwanese aviation industry by building an in-flight Sky Lounge where different diet and travel cultures from Taiwan and other regions can be exchanged during the ongoing movement around the world. In the cabin space featuring a quiet, simple, scholarly, and reserved keynote, China Airlines presents with pride the richest local food culture in Taiwan. We visit various Taiwanese regions from time to time to find characteristic Taiwanese products planted or baked in Taiwan, and select authentic Taiwanese mountain teas, elegantly  aromatic western coffee, complementary pastries for refreshments. Stories behind the production of these products are printed on the packing boxes, allowing you to learn about Taiwan while tasting Taiwanese food. In addition, we irregularly serve the most typical refreshments. As to food for the spirit, we cooperate with Eslite Bookstore to select monthly books of certain topic and provide tourist information about our flight destinations, allowing you to learn more about Taiwan's local cultures and stories.

Press Conference for New Uniforms

Recreating a New Fashion of Cheongsam

The brand-new uniform was designed by William Chang, winner of 11 Golden Horse Awards for Best Costume and an Oscar nominee for Best Costume Design, in his first foray outside of the film sector. It features a mix of traditional and contemporary elements and is both stylish and classic at the same time. William Chang has designed cheongsam for female characters in many movies to express the gentleness and reserve of Asian women, which are consistent with the elegance of past China Airlines uniforms. The latest cross-field collaboration has sparkled many innovative ideas.  Featuring different color blocks in unique proportions to create visual highlights, the new uniform is an expression of contemporary design trench. The design retains the form of the traditional cheongsam yet incorporates modern fashion concepts and looks. The results are figure enhancing and give both male and female wearers an energetic look. Functionality is emphasized so that air and ground staff can raise their arms or bend down with ease, enhancing their dexterity at work. The functionality of the dress shoe was considered as well with emphasis given to comfort and the need to stand for extended periods of time, which characterizes the work of the air staff. Footwear is divided into high heels for travel and flat soles for work. The design includes blue decorative lines and sapphire-colored shoes that hint at the corporate colors of China Airlines. They complement the overall uniform and ensure a consistent and high-quality look.

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