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Electronic Devices Regulations

China Airlines now allows expanded usage of portable electronic devices (PEDs) onboard in accordance with Civil Aviation Act as of 1st September, 2015. This policy applies to all China Airlines fleets. Violation of these regulations will result in imprisonment of up to 5 years, detention or a fine of a maximum of NT$150,000. Find out more ->
In-Flight Health Care picture

In-Flight Health Care

Although modern commercial aircrafts offer rapid, convenient, and safe transportation, some passengers with illnesses may be affected by the cabin environment. The cabin environment is limited by the aircraft design and is quite different from land transportation. These differences include low pressure at high altitudes (low oxygen level and cabin pressurization effect due to the low pressure in the cabin), cabin environment characteristics (poor air quality and low humidity in the cabin), jet lag, airsickness, and a long stay in a confined space. Please pay attention and take proper preventive measures. Find out more ->