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China Airlines Accessibility Plan

China Airlines is committed in making a difference

We are here to provide you a more user-friendly and accessible experience. We hope to provide everyone accessing our website and digital offerings with a seamless user experience, with consideration for our customers with disabilities or requiring assertive technologies. We strive to continuously improve this experience - always taking guidance from the best practices and legal standards defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guideline of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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This is an accessibility plan of China Airlines based on the requirement of Accessible Canada Act and Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR). The plan is to comply with Accessible Canada Act (ACA) and the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR). The ATPRR apply to transportation service providers (TSPs-China Airlines) that operate in the federal transportation network and that are required to comply with any Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) accessibility-related regulations.

1. General

China Airlines is a foreign carrier operating the daily service between Taiwan Taoyuan International airport and Vancouver International airport. Our Canada Branch office is in charge of the accessibility plan as well as the feedback from our customers. The General Manager of China Airlines Canada Branch is designated to receive feedback on behalf of the entity.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we welcome you to share directly with us via our China Airlines Customer Service.

Email: yvrsdci@china-airlines.com
Fax: 1-604-242-1166
Mailing Address (Canada Branch):
10451 Shellbridge Way #240,
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6X 2W9

2. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

China Airlines have been using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 Level AA success criteria as the design standard to improve the logical usability for the disability group. Also, China Airlines provides our real time operation information and communication to customers and passengers by various ways, including:

(1). China Airlines website
(2). China Airlines Chatbot:

(3). China Airlines Mobile App:


(4). China Airlines Call Center Service: - Canada Branch: +1-604-242-1168 - USA Branch: +1-800-227-5118
(5). China Airlines Call Center Email: Vancouver Station Canada Branch: yvrsdci@china-airlines.com Los Angeles Station USA Branch: laxccci@china-airlines.com
(6). Customer Feedback platform
(7). Airport: If China Airlines meets any departure delays, gate or track assignments and schedule or connection changes, we will make public announcements by both audio and visual formats to all passengers at the check-in counter or boarding gate lounge. 

3. Communication, other than ICT

China Airlines is committed to training all staff in accessible customer service, including the Accessible Canada Act, the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations, and Canada Human Rights Code that relate to persons with disabilities.

In addition, China Airlines will train all other service providers who provide services on behalf of the organization.

To ensure person with visual or hearing disability can receive publicly available information about China Airlines service or facilities in ways that are accessible to those travelers. China Airlines could provide information in alternative format such as:

• Large print
• Providing information in clear, short sentences and avoid speaking too fast
• Ask the person if they would like key information in writing or high-lighted

4. Procurement of Goods, Service and Facilities

China Airlines has contract with our airport service provider in this case Airport Terminal Services Ltd. (ATS) to provide adequate and sufficient equipment and services such as wheelchairs, and golf carts. In addition, ATS will provide load and unload mobility aids for passengers.

China Airlines incorporate accessibility criteria and features when procuring or acquiring good, services or facilities, including self-service kiosks. If it is not possible and practical to do so, China Airlines will provide an explanation upon request.

5. Design and Delivery of Programs and Services

China Airlines staff who interact with passengers will receive training on how to communicate in a language that is informed, respectful and accessible to persons with disabilities.

Airport related training will include but not limited to:

• Purpose of The Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations
• China Airlines Customer Service Standard
• Communicate and identify passenger with reduced mobility standard operation procedure based on China Airlines Ground Operation Manuel Chapter 6 section 2.1
• Check in passenger with reduced mobility standard operation procedure based on China Airlines Ground Operation Manuel Chapter 6 section 4.5.3
• Interact with person with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or support person based on China Airlines Ground Operation Manuel Chapter 6 section 4.5
• Use of the equipment or devices available on-site or otherwise that may help providing goods, services or facilities to people with disabilities. These includes:

o Wheelchair
o Golf Carts
o Aisle Chair

• Contingency plan will be provided if a person with a disability is having difficulty in accessing China Airlines goods, service or facilities
• For passengers require assistive devices:

o People with disabilities may use their personal assistive devices when accessing China Airlines good, service or facilities
o China Airlines will ensure our staff and our service provider personnel are trained and familiar with various assistive devices on site that may be used by customers with disabilities while accessing our good service or facilities.
o Standard handling procedure is based on China Airlines Ground Operation Manuel Chapter 6 section 8

• For passengers with visual or hearing disability and service animal:

o Standard handling procedure is based on China Airlines Ground Operation Manuel Chapter 6 Section 9.
o When China Airlines cannot easily identify that an animal is a service animal, our staff may ask for documentation from a regulated health professional that confirms the person needs the service animal for reasons relating to their disability.

6. Transportation

China Airlines operates the services between Taiwan Taoyuan Airport (TPE) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

For those passengers with wheelchair service at TPE airport, our ground handling agent will assist their needs within the terminal. When leaving TPE terminal, the passengers can take their own car, bus, taxi, and MRT under accessible environment. Taiwan is a country regulated with Barrier Free Environment requirement.

In YVR airport, our ground handling agent (ATS) provides golf car service for the persons with disabilities between check-in counter and gate when departure. On the other hand, the golf car service is also served between boarding gate and carousel when arrival. If needed, we can escort and assist the disable passengers to take their own car, taxi, bus or skytrain.

7. Built Environment

China Airlines is deeply committed to delivering exceptional service to all of our valued customers. We strive to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to our services and facilities, and we uphold our commitments in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) regarding the built environment. In line with these regulations, we have taken proactive steps to make our commitments to customers with disabilities easily accessible.

Our dedication to inclusivity begins with the recognition that accessible transportation is essential for fostering an inclusive society. We believe that every individual deserves to travel with ease, comfort, and dignity. As such, we have implemented comprehensive accessibility measures across our operations, including our aircraft, airport facilities, airport terminals, passenger transportation, travel services, and customer service protocols. https://www.china-airlines.com/us/en

In accordance with the CTA regulations, we have established specific guidelines and standards for accessibility within our organization. These guidelines encompass a wide range of aspects, such as ensuring accessible seating options, providing wheelchair assistance, implementing effective communication methods, and accommodating service animals. We have trained our staff to be knowledgeable about these regulations and to provide respectful and courteous assistance to customers with disabilities throughout their journey.

To ensure transparency and ease of access, we have made our commitments to customers with disabilities readily available. Our website https://www.china-airlines.com/us/en/fly/prepare-for-the-fly/special-assistance/index features a dedicated accessibility section where customers can find detailed information about the services and accommodations we offer. This section includes comprehensive descriptions of our accessibility policies, procedures, and available support. We are committed to regularly updating this information to reflect any changes or improvements to our accessibility initiatives. China Airlines is fully committed to providing the highest quality of service to all our customers, including those with disabilities. We embrace the regulations set forth by the Canadian Transportation Agency and diligently work to comply with them in order to create an inclusive and accessible built environment. Through ongoing improvements, transparency, and active engagement with our customers, we continuously strive to exceed expectations and make travel a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

8. Provisions of CTA Accessibility-Related Regulations Introduction:

The purpose of this accessibility plan is to outline our commitment to meeting the provisions of CTA accessibility-related regulations and ensuring equal access for individuals with disabilities. This plan is designed to promote inclusivity and remove barriers in our services, facilities, and communication methods. By implementing this plan, we strive to create a positive and accessible environment for all customers.

• Policy Statement:

China Airlines is dedicated to providing accessible services and facilities to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the CTA accessibility-related regulations. We are committed to eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals to participate in our programs, use our services, and access our facilities. This policy extends to all aspects of our operations, from customer service to physical facilities and digital accessibility.

• Legal and Regulatory Framework:

China Airlines recognize and adhere to the CTA accessibility-related regulations as the foundation for our accessibility initiatives. We are aware of the legal obligations outlined in these regulations and strive to meet or exceed their requirements. We stay informed about any amendments or updates to the regulations and adjust our accessibility plan accordingly.

• Accessibility Goals and Objectives:

China Airlines accessibility plan establishes clear goals and objectives aligned with the CTA accessibility-related regulations. We aim to remove physical, communication, and digital barriers that hinder accessibility. Our objectives include providing equal access to transportation services, ensuring accessible facilities and amenities, and promoting inclusive communication practices.

• Roles and Responsibilities:

China Airlines assign specific roles and responsibilities to individuals to oversee and implement the accessibility plan. All employees have a responsibility to contribute to the successful implementation of accessibility initiatives.

• Communication and Training:

China Airlines communicate our accessibility commitments, policies, and procedures to employees, customers, and the public. We provide training programs to educate employees about disability awareness, inclusive customer service, and the use of assistive technologies. We ensure that communication channels and materials are accessible, including websites, information kiosks, and customer support services.

• Monitoring and Continuous improvement:

We establish a monitoring system to track the implementation and effectiveness of our accessibility initiatives.

We conduct regular audits, evaluations, and customer feedback assessments to assess compliance and identify areas for improvement. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement by actively seeking feedback from individuals with disabilities and customers. We regularly review industry best practices, technological advancements, and customer needs to enhance our accessibility measures. We adapt our accessibility plan accordingly, incorporating innovative solutions and strategies to improve accessibility continually.

9. Conclusions

As a Taiwanese carrier and flying to/from Vancouver, Canada, we have responsibility not only to follow both countries’ regulations but also taking care our customers. Civil Aviation Authority Taiwan holds meeting with airlines and Taiwan local associations frequently in order to discuss the accessibility of air transportation.

China Airlines always listens the feedback and do our best to adjust our service and fulfill the needs from our passengers. We do full comply Canadian regulations to take care our passengers.