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Introduction of In-Town Check-in service at Taoyuan Airport MRT Line (Taipei Main Station & New Taipei Industrial Park Station)

Introduction of In-Town Check-in service

Introduction of In-Town Check-in service

Taoyuan Airport MRT Line provides its In-Town Check-in service at Taipei Main Station and New Taipei Industrial Park Station (hereinafter referred to as "A1 Station" and "A3 Station" )! Passengers can check in, arrange baggage drop in advance at Taipei Main Station (A1 Station) and New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3 Station) so that they can freely enjoy sightseeing, shopping and business meetings right before boarding at the airports. This service allows you not only to shorten the queuing and waiting time spent at the airport, but also to plan and control your itinerary more effectively. You can enjoy your trip in an easier and convenient way.

  1. Service location
    Taoyuan Airport MRT –
    • Taipei Main Station (A1 Station)(Address: No. 8 Zhengzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City).
    • New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3 Station)(Address: No. 37 Wukung Road, Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City)

  2. Service target
    Passengers who travel on the flights operated by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines (except code-shared flights operated with other airlines or traveling on flights to Vancouver) departing from Taoyuan Airport.

  3. Service hour
    • A1 Station:06:00~21:30
    • A3 Station:09:00~16:00

  4. Service scope
    • In-Town Check-in service is available for passengers whether travel by Taoyuan Airport MRT Line or not.
    • Only available for flights of the same day and with at least 3 hours prior to the departure time.
    • The longest side of the checked baggage shall not exceed 70CM and the sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 158CM.
    • For passengers in need of special assistance, such as excess baggage, upgrade awards, corporate、precious、superior cards, children traveling alone, passengers who have purchased cabin seats for baggage, are on a stretcher or wheelchair, etc. or staff travel upon seat availability, please go to Taoyuan Airport to complete the check-in.

  5. Check-in service/baggage drop
    • Self-service check-in: you may also use the "Self-service Check-in Kiosk" at A1/A3 Stations to shorten your check-in time.
    • Self-service baggage drop: You can use the self-service baggage drop machines at A1/A3 Stations to arrange baggage drop by yourself.

  6. Notices:
    • Passengers who have arranged baggage drop at A1/A3 Stations but wish to have the baggage consigned at A1/A3 Stations returned for any reason, passengers must go to Taoyuan Airport to complete the baggage return and claiming procedures at our service counters as there is only single-way transportation of baggage at A1/A3 Stations (from A1/A3 Stations to the airport).
    • An extra charge is collected from passengers carrying excess baggage. After paying the excess baggage charges at our service counters at the airport, you will receive boarding pass from our service counters.
    • Before leaving the check-in counter,Please ensure your checked baggage has completed the screening process by using the「 Baggage Status Querying System」 or watching the monitor until the completion of your checked baggage that shows the status.
    • According to the Mass Rapid Transit Act and Aviation Security regulation, when your checked baggage didn't pass the security check, your checked baggage would need to undergo a re-checking procedure before your baggage could be transported to the airport. Thank you for your cooperation.  

  7. Official website of Taoyuan Airport MRT Line: http://www.tymetro.com.tw/
Notice of Self Baggage Drop service at A1 Station

Notice of Self Baggage Drop service

  1. Please note that Self Baggage Drop service accept luggage only, misc items such as carton, umbrella, backpack, hand-carry bags, baby carriages are not accepted for this service.
  2. If your luggage is damaged before check-in or contain any fragile goods or valuable items that need special handling, please proceed to the airport to complete the check-in.
  3. Passenger carrying oversize or overweight luggage, please proceed to the airport to complete the check-in.
  4. If frequent flyer information were not provided when you made your booking reservation, you are recommended to provide membership number when you make reservations for protection of your membership rights.
  5. Please proceed to the airport to complete the check-in when the Self Baggage Drop service is not available.
    Please refer to the following system restrictions:
    (1) When your journey includes Domestic sectors. Except for connecting flights via US routes.
    (2) When your journey sectors exceed three transits from departure city to destination (I.E. TPE-HKG-DEL-AMS-CPH).
    (3) If you are using multiple tickets for your travel.
    (4) When the interline check-in is not available due to system error etc.
  6. As a reminder, all arriving passengers at the United States must obtain their checked luggage and clear customs at the first point of entry.
  7. To minimize your waiting time for boarding, passengers who use the Self-service Check-in Kiosk or Self Baggage Drop service, please contact the ground staff for relevant document inspection after arriving at the airport.
Special Assistance

Special Assistance

For the provision of more complete and suitable services, please check-in at the counters of China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines at Taoyuan Airport if you belong to one of the following groups; If any further question please contact Customer service for more information. 

  • Passengers on a wheelchair.
  • Passengers on a stretcher.
  • Children traveling alone.
  • Adolescents traveling alone who have purchased pickup services.
  • Passengers who purchased cabin seats for baggage.
  • Deportees with the companion of guards.
  • Deportees without the companion of guards.
  • Passengers carrying their own portable oxygen generators.
  • Passengers in need of oxygen generators provided by the carrier.
  • Passengers carrying service animals (seeing-eye dogs and emotional service animals).
  • Passengers carrying live animals on the flight.
  • Passengers with checked baggage with the longest side exceeding 70CM and the sum of length, width and height exceeding 158CM (such as cartons, cellos, windsurfing equipment, bicycles, golf equipment, etc.).

Remarks: Wheelchair passengers may proceed the self-service check-in at Taipei Main Station (A1 Station) & New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3 Station), however, wheelchair service is only available at Taoyuan Airport .



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