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CAL Park Installs Solar Power to Support Green Energy in Taiwan

Veröffentlicht: Jul 04, 2019

Solar power has been installed at CAL Park in support of Taiwan's green energy policy. Regenerative drives had previously been installed in the elevators at CAL Park, the headquarters of China Airlines, in 2017. On-grid solar power facilities capable of generating 120,000 kWh of power each year were completed this year. The move is a concrete show of support for renewable energy in Taiwan that contributes to the development of green energy and helps to protect our planet.
China Airlines has long made environmental protection a part of its mission by continuing to promote green and energy conservation initiatives over the years such as equipment upgrades, better equipment efficiency, process optimization, as well as the promotion of energy and resource conservation. As a result, the power consumption of CAL Park in 2018 was 16% lower than 2011; the Administration Building and Training Center also obtained Taiwan's "Diamond" green building mark in 2017 and 2018 respectively. China Airlines went a step further by working with authorities and the airport to install 99 kW of solar power panels on the roof of Simulator Training Building in 2018. The system's connection to the grid on March 8 this year marked a new phase in China Airlines' implementation of its corporate environmental policy-"creating a low-carbon operating environment."
"Continuous improvement" is also embraced by China Airlines in its system management operations by continuing to push for internal improvements in corporate environmental, energy and greenhouse gas management. Independent third-party bodies are invited every year to verify the airline's performance against international standards; in April this year, China Airlines successfully passed its annual ISO 14001 (environmental management system standard), ISO 50001 (energy management system standard) and ISO 14064-1 (greenhouse gas inventory standard) certification process administered by DNV. China Airlines is therefore the second airline in the world to obtain both ISO 14001 and ISO 0001 system certification.
As the leader in sustainable air transport in Taiwan, China Airlines has taken a longstanding interest in climate change issues. Its active promotion of energy-efficiency and environmental protection initiatives saw the carrier receive the Enterprise Environmental Protection Award in Taiwan for three consecutive years, and the TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for five consecutive years. In addition to these top awards, China Airlines was also one of two airlines in the world to receive the A- / Leadership rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project. Inclusion in the Dow Jones Stock Index - Emerging Markets for three consecutive years made it the first airline from Taiwan to be included and also the only one to be included on consecutive occasions. These accolades are proof of China Airlines' accomplishments in the promotion of carbon reduction and environmental protection. China Airlines promises to continue pushing for sustainable development. Travelers are also invited to take part in the ECO Travel Carbon Offset Program to join us in realizing the dream of zero-carbon flight and raising Taiwan's international profile. (2019/07/04)
To learn more about environmental initiatives at China Airlines:
Corporate environmental protection video - Fly to Eco: http://calec.china-airlines.com/csr/index.html

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