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Dynasty Member Birthday Special Discount

🎁 Birthday Special Discount 🎁
5% discount for CI/AE self-operated flights or a 10% discount for Business Class on regional flights
During the month before your birthday month, you can enjoy an exclusive birthday discount by booking tickets through the designated link on this page.
This provides you with more flexibility in planning your trip!
※ For example, if your birthday is on December 6th, you can enjoy a one-time ticket discount from November 1st to November 30th.
Paragon, Emerald, and Gold card members who take eligible flights during their birthday month will earn a one-time extra 2,000 miles!

Terms and Conditions

  1. How to Purchase:
    • Tickets must be purchased through the designated link on this page.
    • This discount is only eligible for the logged-in member and their travel companions, who must be booked under the same reservation number. If the birthday member is a child, they can enjoy the discount, however, the tickets must be purchased with an adult travelling together. This offer is not applicable for infant tickets.
    • Multiple login attempts will be blocked for 20 minutes, after which the members can log in and start searching again.

  2. Offer Details:
    • A 5% discount for CI/AE self-operated flights, or a 10% discount for Business Class on regional flights. Booking classes L/X/G/O/Z/S are not applicable to this offer.
    • The Business Class 10% discount is only applicable to regional segments (Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Guam, Palau, Hong Kong, and Mainland China). If the itinerary includes long-haul routes, the discount will be 5% for the entire journey.
      ※ For example, Bangkok-Tokyo in Business Class qualifies for a 10% discount for the entire journey, while Bangkok-Los Angeles in Business Class qualifies for a 5% discount for the entire journey.
    • This discount only applies to the base fare. It does not apply to fuel surcharges, booking service charge, taxes and ancillary services fee (including prepaid excess baggage and seat selection fee).

  3. Eligible Flights:
    • Only applicable for China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines self-operated flights. This discount is not applicable for code-share flights or itineraries that include segments operated by other airlines.
    • This discount can be used to purchase one-way, round-trip tickets, tickets for itineraries that enter and exit from different cities of the same country/region (open-jaw), multi-city, and stopover itineraries.
    • Itineraries that include code-share, interline flights, or Mandarin Airlines domestic flights are not eligible for this discount.

  4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers, such as Members Day, online travel expo offers, flash offers, early bird offers, credit card discounts, mileage redeem, etc. The prices displayed on the promotional page already have this discount applied. If there are other offers available for the same departure date, the displayed prices will be the best prices during the search time. Members who used other offers to purchase their tickets may not use this offer on the same tickets. Members can choose the lowest price on the promotional page to purchase their tickets.

  5. China Airlines offers extra 2,000 miles as birthday gift for Paragon, Emerald, and Gold card members who travel with revenue tickets on self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines during their birthday month. The extra 2,000 miles will be credited into your account in the following month. To enjoy this offer, DFP members have to use normal paid tickets and entitled to such a compliment once a year.

  6. Any other matters relating to the ticket offer above that have not been mentioned will be processed according to the China Airlines ticketing rules. China Airlines reserves the right to amend, interpret, or terminate these conditions of sale at any time.