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Deutsche Bahn 

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (DB), passengers of China Airlines can use Rail&Fly or Interline services to transfer from Frankfurt Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, to more than 5,600 stations with a generic city code of QYG (Table 1, Rail&Fly service) representing all these DB train stations within Germany. In addition, China Airlines has implemented an alternative new service so called Interline service in cooperation with DB. With the advent of this new service, you may select and book your DB train connecting with China Airlines flights at Frankfurt Airport for a cozy and comfortable journey to 13 major DB train stations (Table 2, Point-to-Point and Codeshare service).
Table 1: Rail&Fly service between
FRA (Frankfurt Airport)
AMS (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)
QYG (Railway Germany)
CI all classes of servicesDB- 1st Class
Table 2: Point-to-Point and Codeshare service between
FRA (Frankfurt Airport)QKL (Cologne Central Station), QDU (Dusseldorf Central Station),
ZWS (Stuttgart Central Station), ZBA (Basel Bad Station),
ZMU (Munich Central Station), XIR (Dresden Central Station),
XIT (Leipzig Central Station), QPP (Berlin Central Station),
ZMB (Hamburg Central Station), ZVR (Hannover Central Station),
ZAQ (Nuremberg Central Station), DHC (Bremen Central Station),
MKF (Münster Central Station)
CI Business class of serviceDB- 1st Class
CI Premium/Economy classes of servicesDB- 2nd Class
The services can be booked through China Airlines website, with your travel agency or China Airlines offices. Please note that the DB ticket must be purchased in conjunction with China Airlines international flight. The DB service can be booked within 24 hours of the scheduled departure and within 24 hours after the schedule arrival time at FRA/AMS.

Things to know

  • Rail&Fly: Train tickets are valid on regional and long-distance trains as well as on selected non-federally owned railways (NE-Bahnen to/from AMS).
  • Please mind that QYG is a generic name for all DB train stations in Germany. As your Rail&Fly train and destination are not specified, please visit DB website (www.Bahn.de) to select your preferred actual departure/arrival time.
  • Interline: ICE trains are given a flight number and represent real train connections. The interline service requires you to travel on the specified train. A change to a later/earlier train is only allowed in case your flight times have changed.
  • The DB online Check-in is available directly after issuance of the flight ticket.
    Please visit https://www.rail-checkin.com to check in by entering your flight ticket name and number or booking reference. Please print your DB ticket at home or save it on your mobile device prior to boarding your train. During the DB journey you usually would be required to present your valid train ticket, photo ID/passport and China Airlines e-ticket for inspection.
  • For Rail&Fly, QYG and Codeshare passengers, a seat reservation is automatically included for the selected train connection.
    (Notification: The seat reservation is not inserted into the flight ticket booking. As soon as you are checking in on https://www.rail-checkin.com , you are automatically assigned a seat which is displayed on the train ticket. If several passengers are checking in together, the seats are booked together, if available.)
  • If you have not checked in for train ticket, the rail coupons can be rebooked and refunded until the date of the rail coupon.
    1. Until 48 hours prior to arrival time of the rail segment: If you have already checked in, the rail coupon can be rebooked and refunded until 48 hours prior to arrival time of the rail segment.
    2. 48 hours prior to arrival time of the rail segment: Rebookings and refunds are no longer possible from this time onward.
  • Please note that your luggage will be your responsibility throughout your entire rail journey.
  • Passenger is responsible for arriving at the airport in time. We do recommend you to choose a connection of DB that allows you to arrive at the airport two hours before flight departure and provides sufficient time to proceed through immigration and collect your baggage after arrival. China Airlines is not liable for passenger who misses flight with train delay/cancellation.

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