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Electronic Devices Regulation

Illustration of Usage of Portable Electronic Devices Regulations

China Airlines now allows expanded usage of portable electronic devices (PEDs) onboard in accordance with Civil Aviation Act as of 1st September, 2015. This policy applies to all China Airlines fleets. Violation of these regulations will result in imprisonment of up to 5 years, detention or a fine of a maximum of NT$150,000.

  • After cabin doors are closed, passengers should follow the broadcast instructions to set personal electronic devices including mobile phones, tablet PCs, and laptops to flight mode with Wi-Fi turned off. After the aircraft has landed and cleared the runway, crew members will notify passengers via broadcast of a time when devices can be used.
  • If the communication function of a personal electronic device transmitting radio waves cannot be disabled and the device cannot be switched to flight mode, it cannot be used during the flight. Such devices include remote transmitters, radio transmitters and receivers, and electronic devices that transmit messages by radio. For example, remote controls of electric toys and mobile phones other than smartphones may directly interfere with the planes' navigation, communication, and control systems.
  • To prevent emergency evacuation from being affected, the usage of electronic devices that cannot be put in clothes pockets or seat pockets are prohibited during takeoff and landing. Personal electronic devices such as laptops that cannot be put in clothes pockets or seat pockets must be put in the overhead or underhand seat compartments when the plane is flying at a height lower than 10,000 feet. Usage is prohibited.
  • When crew members are unable to confirm whether a mobile phone's communication function has been disabled or the mobile phone may interfere with the plane's systems, the passenger should follow the crew's instructions to turn it off.
  • If in-flight communication devices are started, you can access Wi-Fi service only after switching your devices to flight mode. Please refer to the guide for timing on use of the service and related regulations and follow the instructions of the cabin crew.
    - 777, A350 and A321neo aircraft are equipped with “Wi-Fi Onboard” service. To keep the cabin quiet, the Wi-Fi service's voice communication and video functions have been disabled.
    - 738 aircraft are equipped with Fantasy Sky wireless entertainment system. The system provides only in-flight audio/video programs and is not able to connect to the internet. Passenger must have their own earphones for the entertainment.
  • When our planes are flying within foreign territories, passengers should follow the crew's instructions to shut down their personal electronic devices if the local aviation regulations so require.
  • No electronic cigarettes are allowed during China Airlines' flights.
  • Power sockets for electric razors are available in the toilet. The power sockets and USB ports in the cabin seats are suitable for personal electronic devices.
  • Power banks should be properly in your carry-on baggage and must not be placed in your check-in baggage.  For flight safety, may we suggest that you do not use power banks during the flight.
  • If passengers need to carry electronic medical equipment and use it during flights due to health conditions (such as portable breathing equipment, respirator, and sputum suction device), they should prepare batteries because no chargers are available on the planes. The equipment should comply with the regulations regarding the dimensions and weight of carry-on baggage and the passengers should provide a Medical Clearance Form. Passengers should also obtain approval from China Airlines' medical professionals before boarding the planes. For the main precautions on boarding with portable electronic medical equipment, please refer to link or contact the booking centers of China Airlines.
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