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Transportation Clauses

Clauses for Passengers of International Routes and Baggage Transportation
General Conditions of Carriage

General Conditions of Carriage

Download the General Conditions of Carriage

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ADM Policy

ADM Policy

ADM Policy

China Airlines ADM Policy
ADM Policy for Germany/ Poland/ Switzerland/ Russia/ Ukraine/ Bulgaria/ Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania
ADM Policy for Italy/ Malta
ADM Policy for Indonesia
Flights to and from Canada

Flights to and from Canada

Accessible Transportation for Person with Disabilities Regulations. (ATPDR)

According to CTA’s ATPDR, passengers with disabilities will be provided with the following services when traveling on flights to/from Canada operated by China Airlines starting from 25Jun2020. 
  1. Service dog: Passengers travelling with service dogs have to complete the application with medical certificates at least 48 hours (2 business days) before departure. We will provide the suitable place for said passengers and their service dogs during the flight. Passengers are permitted to use any washrooms in the flight.

  2. On-board Entertainment: Passengers with visual/hearing impairment could seek assistance from our flight attendants when needed.

  3. Curbside Assistance: We will help passengers with disabilities get from the check-in point to their on-board seats. After passengers have disembarked at a terminal, we offer assistance to reach a specific place where terminal staff could help them get to the curbside zone.

  4. Severe Allergies: Passengers with severe allergies should file the application with the medical certificate at least 48 hours (2 business days) before departure. The priority boarding and buffer zone where the allergen is mitigated are offered, but allergy-free environment is not guaranteed. We will notify the other passengers whose seats are immediately adjacent to each other without identifying the passengers with allergies and avoid consuming products that could trigger an allergic reaction. The buffer zone does not apply to “pod” seats. Passengers could pay for an extra seat whenever the empty seat next to them is needed.

You may contact with our customer service or ticketing counter for further assistance.

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