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Lost & Damaged Baggage

Baggage Tracking Service

Baggage Tracking Service

China Airlines has launched Baggage Tracking Service for your checked baggage (applicable to stations up to date: TPE/FRA/JFK/SFO/SIN) to monitor the process flows of your checked baggage via our website and mobile app. You may have the trip in an easier way by clicking the baggage tracking service icon.
Notice of Baggage Tracking
  • Baggage tracking is only available for passengers who are departing from Taoyuan/Singapore/Frankfurt/New York/San Francisco and have completed flight and baggage check-in at the designated counter.
  • Tracking available only within 3 days of flight arrival.
  • All baggage activity is shown in the local time of the airport location.
  • If your itinerary includes travel on airlines other than China Airlines or its connection flight carriers, baggage tracking information for those flights may not be available. Please check with the operating carrier for your baggage status.
Baggage Irregularity Handling

Baggage Irregularity Handling

If your checked baggage is delayed, wholly or partially lost or damaged, please report the incident to our local airport office or ground handling agent immediately upon arrival. If you have left the airport, you can prepare relevant documents to contact Baggage Office (please click Worldwide Airports), or you can click the LINK to declare. Please note that claims for partially lost or damaged baggage must be submitted within seven (7) days (from the day following the date when the baggage was retrieved by the customer). Claims for delayed or wholly lost baggage must be submitted within twenty-one (21) days (from the day following the date when the baggage was scheduled to arrive).

If your trip involves more than one carriers, please follow International Air Transport Association (IATA) practices and contact your trip's last carrier for any delayed delivery, damage, or missing baggage problems.

Online Baggage Tracking System

Online Baggage Tracking System

After you report to our local airport office, we will start tracking your baggage through our worldwide-computerized tracking system and will keep you informed. If you need any assistance, please contact our local airport office  or check the tracking status by using the Baggage Tracking System where you can type into the file reference number (five English letters and five digits) and your last name in English that the ground crew marked in the Baggage Irregularity Report

Instruction: Please type your missing baggage's file reference number and your last name into the "File Reference" and "Name" columns. After that, click "Submit". The system will respond with the latest handling result.

  • File reference number of your missing baggage (five English letters and five digits) 
  • Last name in English

You may contact our baggage service staff by clicking Contact Your Airline and type your opinion and e-mail address into the "Type your message here" and "Enter your e-mail address" columns on the search results screen. Our baggage service staff will reply to you either by telephone or via e-mail.

Liability Release Notice for Checked Baggage

Liability Release Notice for Checked Baggage

We would like to assure you that China Airlines makes every possible effort to take care of your checked baggage. However, it is impossible to avoid certain minor damages incurred during transportation and handling under normal circumstances for reasons beyond our control. In order to protect your baggage, we suggest that a cover layer or appropriate baggage should be used.  We would like to advise that China Airlines is not liable for the following minor damages and baggage irregularities, which are beyond our control:

  1. Minor damages to suitcase
    • Defects in the material of baggage itself or aging after use such as zipper/handle
    • Minor dents in the frame or shell
    • Protruding parts such as cover/straps/hooks/belts/lock/name tags
    • Baggage polluted by hidden items
    • Damage or pilferage resulting from random search of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or other safety inspections of each country
  2. Baggage irregularity
    • Over-sized or over-packed heavy weight baggage
    • Content damage due to inadequate packing of baggage
    • Fragile or perishable items included in the baggage
    • Baggage abrasion or attrition
    • Valuables and important personal effects in checked baggage

  3. Damage

    We have contracted baggage repair services companies at major airports. These services provide door-to-door delivery of repaired or replacement baggage. China Airlines is responsible for appropriate repair or replacement costs.  If your baggage is found to be damaged, please proceed to the baggage claim services counter in the arrival hall (prior to Customs). Our friendly staff will be available to serve you.

  4. Loss

    If your baggage is still missing after seven days, we will send you a "Baggage Inventory Form" to fill out or you may download it here. This form will help us locate your baggage and process any related compensation. Please complete and return the form to China Airlines as soon as possible.

    Unless a higher value has been declared in advance and excess value charges have been paid, liability for loss or damaged checked baggage is limited in accordance with the relevant convention governing international air travel. The liabilities for appropriate compensation governed by relevant convention are subject to the provisions of the applicable Warsaw Convention (USD 20 per kilogram) or Montreal Convention (the applicable liability limit is 1,288 Special Drawing Rights per passenger for baggage and the value of Special Drawing Rights can fluctuate http://www.imf.org/external/index.htm) and the terms of China Airlines' Conditions of Carriage.

  5. Carry-On Baggage

    Depending upon what it is, unclaimed property found in the cabin will be held by local airport authorities, and the storage time will vary according to local customs regulations and airport storage space. If you have found personal items that have been left behind in the aircraft cabin, please contact the Local Airport Office immediately. China Airlines will try its best to recover the lost items, and it is not responsible for the claims of uncollected personal custody.

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