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Purchase Excess Checked Baggage

Prepaid Excess Baggage

Notice of Prepaid Excess Baggage

  • For tickets originally issued in Canada, the prepaid excess charges paid over CI official website for the whole journey will be converted from Canadian dollars to the currency of payment if it is made in a currency other than CAD.

Prepaid Excess Baggage (USD) (Applicable for tickets under piece system)
Prepaid Excess Baggage(CAD) (Applicable for tickets issued under piece system)
Notice of Prepaid Excess Baggage

Notice of Prepaid Excess Baggage

Prepaid excess baggage can enjoy a discount of 10%.

  1. Terms and condition:
    (1) The tickets that you hold should be issued by either China Airlines (297) or Mandarin Airlines (803) (not applicable to tickets for infants). The service is only available for tickets booked on CI/AE operated international flights or CI/AE bilateral code-shared international flights. It does not apply to whole trip if your connecting flight is operated by another airline. Passengers who hold two separate tickets during the travel journey will have to make two separate payments for this service according to the sector on respective tickets.
    (2) The prepaid excess baggage allowance can only be used by the passengers themselves. Pooling or transferring of baggage allowance is not permitted. 
    (3) Different regulations and charges apply to special baggage, such as oversized, overweight, sporting equipment, pets, and cabin baggage, which are not qualified for the prepaid excess baggage allowance.
    (4) Prepaid excess baggage allowance online service is not available under following situation:
    For departing from or arriving at the airports: Mainland China: Ningbo, Wuxi
  2. Available online purchase period: after ticket purchased and up till 4 hours before flight scheduled departure time.
  3. Limits of Purchasing Excess Baggage: Each passenger (excluding infants without a seat) is allowed to make one prepaid excess baggage purchase only per sector. The maximum pieces of baggage allowed for the aforementioned purchase is five and the weight limit per piece of baggage is varied with the actual boarding class on the respective sector.
  4. Change and Refund: After the purchase is completed, the traveling date and flight can be changed (only on the same origin and destination). If the prepaid excess baggage charge has not been used in its entirety, it can be refunded without charge. Please refund it through the original purchase channel within 2 years from the date of purchase. Once the prepaid excess baggage charge is used and if the actual baggage upon check-in is less than the prepaid baggage allowance originally paid for, the remaining unused allowance cannot be refunded or used on subsequent or alternate flights.

All other transportation regulations of this airline shall apply to the Prepaid Excess Baggage Service.
China Airlines reserves the right to interpret, revise or cancel the aforementioned articles at any time

*** Gentle Reminder :Online pre-purchasing excess baggage service is not available for passengers holding tickets with the following conditions, who may make contact with China Airlines Customer Service Center or the local branch office counters to pre-purchase the excess baggage service. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

1. Group ticket (booking class: G)
2. Redeem mileage for Upgrade Awards

 I have clearly read through the content associated with prepaid excess checked baggage and agree to the related terms and conditions.