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Excess Baggage Redemption

Redemption Procedure

Members flying with China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines may redeem their usable mileage at airport check-in counters for part or all of excess baggage charges if their check-in baggage exceeds the baggage allowance. A qualified member has to fill out the "Consent Letter for Mileage Deduction" to authorize mileage deduction. 

The excess baggage redemption mileage is based on the unit of 1 kg and the required redemption mileage per kilo excess is summarized as below:

Required mileage for sectors

Required mileage for sectors
Route (by sector)E/B Weight UnitRequired mileage
Between any two points in Asia (excluding DEL/RGN) v.v.1 kg1,200 miles
TWN/DEL v.v.1 kg4,400 miles
TWN/RGN v.v.1 kg2,400 miles
TWN/AUS v.v.
1 kg4,400 miles
TWN/EUR v.v.
1 kg8,800 miles
Remarks: For example SIN/NRT, 1kg E/B will be charged with 2,400 miles as there are two sectors SIN/TPE (1,200 miles/ 1kg E/B) and TPE/NRT (1,200 miles/ 1kg E/B).

Important notes:

  • This privilege is only applicable to the check-in baggage on flights fully operated by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines from departure to destination (also applicable to TWN/HKG sector of routes that depart from Taiwan, stop by Hong Kong, and extend to Mainland China). Code-shared flights not operated by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines and charter flights are excluded from this privilege.
  • Excess baggage redemption is based on unit of 1 KG (weight concept) / 1 PC (piece concept).
  • The baggage allowance of piece concept for Premium Economy Class and Economy Class is 28 kg and 23 kg. In case the weight for each piece exceeds 23 kg but is less than 32kg, a charge of USD80 (or the equivalent amount in local currency) has to be paid for the excess weight and members may pay with 12,000 mileages.
  • This privilege is non-refundable once the mileage is redeemed and baggage are checked in. Only in the case of flight irregularities where the checked-in customers have to cancel the flight or transfer to other airlines, the redeemed mileage will be refunded. The privilege of redeeming excess baggage with mileage is not applicable to members who transfer to other airlines.
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