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China Airlines New Autumn Menu is Soul Food for Travelers

Published: Oct 03, 2023

China Airlines is turning the bounty of the autumn season into fresh in-flight cuisine through its partnerships with “Le Palais”, a Michelin three Star restaurant in Taiwan, the famed “Toutouan” restaurant from Tokyo, Michelin Green Star holder “Yangming Spring”, and “Le Ruban Pâtisserie”, the boutique pastry chef. The all-new menu will be formally launched in October.

The new season will see premium Cantonese cuisine crafted by Le Palais, the Michelin three star restaurant, served to travelers in all cabin classes on China Airlines long-haul flights departing from Taiwan for Europe, and North America. Premium Business and Business Class travelers on Japan routes will be treated to “Autumn Beauty”, a Japanese-style banquet designed by Tokyo’s famous Toutouan restaurant using seasonal ingredients from Taiwan. Travelers who prefer plant-based foods can experience the new cuisine created by Yangming Spring. If you have a sweet tooth, exquisite desserts created by Le Ruban can be enjoyed in Premium Business and Business Class on flights to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka in Japan.

Le Palais Spoils Travelers’ Taste Buds with Premium Ingredients and Michelin Three Stars
Le Palais, awarded three stars from the Michelin Guide Taiwan for six years straight, has created a new in-flight culinary experience for China Airlines travelers. In Premium Business Class, the fall menu features “Red Braised East Asia Abalone (4 head) Lo Mein” as it's main. Premium four-head abalones from the Middle East and shiitake mushrooms are simmered for several hours forming a rich, delicious soup that is absorbed completely into the noodles. The five appetizers of Sichuan-Style Spicy Radish Salad, Pumpkin with Osmanthus Dressing, Lemon Bitter Gourd, Smoked Egg with Cucumber and Mustard Sauce, and Pork Aspic Delicacies incorporate local Taiwanese ingredients such as Golden Pumpkin, White Jade Bitter Gourd, and Silky Fowl Egg. The layers of flavors provide the perfect opening to an autumn feast in the clouds. Sesame Mung Bean Cake and Stewed Pear with Rock Sugar, a nourishing Cantonese dessert, are the final sweet touch. A change in seasons will see “Ma Po Tofu Lobster with Rice” become the main for Premium Business Class in January next year. Michelin three star chef Ken Chen‘s Special Ma Po Tofu inspired by Szechuan cuisine is drizzled over sweet, juicy Canadian lobsters to give it a spicy richness that travelers are guaranteed to salivate over.

Travelers in Premium Economy and Economy Class will also receive their own Michelin three star menu. The Premium Economy Class menu will consist of exclusive mains inspired by signature chef dishes such as Beef Lo Mein with Seasonal Vegetables and Black Bean Spare Rib Clay Pot Rice. Economy Class travelers will be served Singapore-Style Rice Noodles with Shrimp and Pork as well as Curry Shrimp and Fish Egg Noodles from January 2024 onwards. Travelers will feel at home aboard their flights through the delicious taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Savor the Flavors of 

Autumn with Toutouan’s Banquet Cuisine
China Airlines partner with the only overseas franchise of Tokyo’s famous “Toutouan” restaurant to create the “Autumn Beauty” seasonal menu exclusive to Premium Business and Business Class on Japanese routes. The mains of Grilled Salmon with Yellow Chives and Wagyu Beef and Sesame Seed Teriyaki are accompanied by steamed rice cooked with mushrooms and shiitake for a feast worthy of autumn harvests. In keeping with the culinary philosophy of Araki Hironaka, the Japanese head chef from Toutouan Tokyo stationed in Taiwan, local Taiwanese ingredients that represent autumn including persimmons, yellow chives, mushrooms, spinach, and carrots are used from the appetizer all the way to dessert. Handpicked Hokkaido Yumeprika rice, Wagyu beef, shaved bonito, and kombu seaweed bring together the flavors of autumn into the richness of Japanese cuisine. Toutouan’s popular classic Magatama Tofu and signature Purple Yam and Brown Sugar Steamed Bread will also make an appearance on China Airlines flights from October. Desserts such as the Autumn Beauty Banana Mousse and Poached Apple in Red Wine serve as the finishing touch to a menu that captures the great attention to detail that for which Toutouan’s cuisine is known.

Reinventing the Vegetarian Menu with Michelin Green Starred Yangming Spring
Yangming Spring continues to design highly original and healthy cuisine for China Airlines travelers. For Premium Business and Business Class travelers there is Truffle Black Pepper Vegan Steak with White Sauce Risoni. The Chef’s ingenuity turns ingredients such as Chinese water chestnut and enoki mushrooms are into a rich, juicy yet crispy steak. The chef’s special truffle and pepper sauce makes every mouthful a symphony. Orzo pasta, chosen for its ability to absorb sauces is accompanied by cream sauce cooked from plant-based milk as well as nutritious edamame beans and smooth, crunchy white mushrooms. The rich flavors of the ingredients provide a satisfying culinary experience that every vegetarian would love.

Le Ruban Captures Travelers’ Hearts with Sweet Desserts
“Le Ruban Pâtisserie”, widely considered to be the Chanel of the dessert world, has crafted a series of exclusive co-branded desserts for China Airlines. Its latest fall offering is the Toffee and Passion Fruit Macaron featuring a crispy skin made from toffee and 100% chocolate. The filling is made from handpicked Nantou passion fruits, a seasonal Taiwanese ingredient that melds perfectly with the macaron in a delicious a mouthwatering mix of sweet and sour richness. Grapefruit Mousse and Lemon Chantilly will be offered from January 2024 to welcome the new year with a touch of the South Sea. Dessert aficionados should start making travel plans now!

China Airlines continues to introduce breakthroughs in in-flight catering. Past efforts to boost the dining experience, such as bringing Taiwanese Michelin three star cuisine onboard for the first time or serving Michelin Green Star dishes in the sky, have all proved popular with travelers. Through its banquet program, China Airlines is promoting local ingredients and environmental sustainability while wooing travelers with delicious multicultural cuisine. (2023/10/03)