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Learning and Growth

Career Planning

China Airlines boasts a professional team of about 10,500 employees around the world in nearly 100 different job categories. They provide comprehensive services to our customers around the clock, all year round. Aside from pilots and cabin crew who you are quite familiar with, there are customer service personnel who serve our customers on a "one call for all" basis and repair and maintenance personnel who perform their duties with quality-oriented professionalism. In addition, there are lesser-known staff in charge of planning and providing reliable, convenient, and customer-centric quality services.

Air Crew Job

Air crew job categories include pilots and cabin crew. With regard to the career path of a pilot, it takes about 2 years of prior training to become a qualified first officer. From there, it takes about another 8 years and at least 4,200 hours of flight experience to be promoted to captain. After that, if you do a good job as a captain, the company may train you as a potential management officer, provided that you are interested in management jobs; if you are interested in training positions, the company may train you as an instructor pilot in charge of flight training courses. As for the career path of cabin crew, you can develop towards a front-line supervisor/cabin chief. If you are interested in ground crew jobs, you can develop towards ground crew management officer.

Repair and Maintenance Job Categories

The development of repair and maintenance personnel is built on the repair and maintenance experience at the basic level. We evaluate an employee's capability, specialty, and aspiration, and provide a comprehensive occupational development system, with grassroots repair and maintenance leader, specialized engineer, quality assurance and audit, and repair and maintenance management as the main career directions. During their careers, repair and maintenance personnel will be subject to internal job rotation and external assignment (station, supervision) and undergo complete on-the-job training so as to enhance their personal skills.

Ground Crew Job Categories

The career development of ground crew is built on specialized aviation experience. We evaluate an employee's capability, specialty, and aspiration, and provide comprehensive education and training courses in combination with departmental rotation experience. We encourage employees to embark on further education and learning. Ground crew can develop towards management posts. For example, a front-line supervisor can also assume a management role after gaining enough experience.

Learning and Growth

In this big family, every employee performs his/her jobs conscientiously. Motivated by the service goal of making China Airlines "The Most Reliable Airline", they devote themselves to their work, making contributions in their respective work fields.

Training for Recruits

If you have just joined the China Airlines family, you can take the "China Airlines and I" course to learn about China Airlines, share its passion, and become proud of China Airlines, regardless of your position, and irrespective of whether you are a domestic or foreign employee.

Online Learning

To strengthen our competitive edge in this fast-changing environment, China Airlines has established an e-learning program to build a convenient online learning and management environment and drive China Airlines' overall training reforms. Employees can learn online via the e-learning platform according to their own needs and schedules.

Training for Different Job Categories

There is a sound training program for every job category designed to achieve the goal of providing consistent quality services. Examples include training courses for training pilots, cabin crew, customer service personnel, and repair and maintenance personnel.

Future Development

China Airlines has set nine strategic goals for the 21st century to unite all employees around a consensus about the future and unleash the full potential of each and every employee at their respective posts to create the maximum momentum.

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