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Pre-paid Excess Baggage/ Special Meal/ Choose your seat/ Special Service/ Check-in Wheelchair

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  1. Rebooking/Reissue online is only applicable for ticket issued from China Airlines Website. Please note online ticket with following conditions will NOT be applicable.
    • Upgrade with miles tickets or Award ticket.
    • Multicity itinerary.
    • Booked with add-on chargeable service (eg. Pre-paid Baggage etc.)
    • Booking record is modified by Customer Center or Branch Office.
    • Failure to complete Credit Card Verification.
  2. This function is for change of flight date and time only. If you wish to change route, please contact Customer Center or Branch office for assistance.
  3. Please note reissue/rebook will apply to all passengers in the same booking.
  4. Fare will be recalculated automatically base on the fare rule when you change flight. Fare difference and service charge will be collected.
  5. If special services were requested (includes meal, seat, wheel chair…etc.) on your original flight, please re-select them after you completed flight modification, or contact our customer center for assistance.
  6. We encourage passenger to use the same credit card of the original purchase. If you use different credit card to pay, please show your credit card upon check-in or to complete credit card verification at least 24hrs prior to flight departure.
  7. If you have purchased Chubb Insurance product along with air ticket via China Airlines website, please note all insurance related information including change and refund should contact Chubb Insurance directly.