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China Airlines x MIPON Starred Banquet on the Clouds with Classic Taiwanese Cuisine

China Airlines by announcing a partnership with MIPON, the Michelin one star restaurant at the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei and start the new “Starred Taiwanese Cuisine on the Clouds” will bring classic Taiwanese dishes to the skies.
Rice forms an important part of Taiwanese culinary culture. MIPON’s Head Chef Chen Yong-Hua uses time-honored cooking skills passed down from experienced chefs to bring back beloved Taiwanese flavors and present the unique elegance of Taiwanese cuisine. “Traditional snacks” are translated into culinary creations while an infusion of Eurasian techniques breathe new life into classic Taiwanese dishes. The result is a veritable kaleidoscope of Taiwanese cuisine that has netted MIPON one Michelin star three years in a row. The latest collaboration on in-flight catering between China Airlines and MIPON drew upon the restaurant’s most popular dishes and in-house menu to produce 15 dishes for all classes. After extensive testing and adjustment based on in-flight conditions, the great hometown flavors of Taiwan will finally be lifted 10,000 feet up.

📍 Available Period: From April 01, 2024
📍 Available Routes: Limited to flights departing from Taipei(Songshan)/Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung to below destination:
    《Southeast Asia》: BKK/ CNX/ HAN/ SGN/ DAD/ SIN/ KUL/ PEN/ CGK/ DPS/ PNH/ CEB/ RGN/ ROR
    《Northeast Asia》: TAK/ KMJ/ ICN/ GMP
    《China》: PVG / SHA / CAN / SZX / CTU / PEK / WUH
📍 Available Class: All cabins

*Photos are for reference only. Meal content is subject to actual availability onboard.

China Airlines collaborates with World Bread Champion, Chen Yao-hsun, to launch in-flight bread for all routes and classes departing from Taiwan.

In the direction of bread design, incorporates the local characteristics of Taiwan and the universality of global flavors. He uses selected natural ingredients from Taiwan, such as Taiwan's No. 57 and No. 66 sweet potatoes, black rice, and dried strawberries from Dahu, Miaoli. that incorporate local Taiwanese flavors with common elements in the global palate. The meeting of classics and innovation will allow travelers to enjoy the China Airlines commitment to boutique catering and allow more people to savor exclusive bread designs from a world champion.

📍 Available Period: Starting from January 1, 2024
📍 Available Flights: Limited to flights departing from Taipei(Songshan)/Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung
📍 Available Classes: All Cabin (except PVG/ SHA/ XMN/ FOC/ CAN/ SZX/ PUS/ MNL/ HKG/ OKA Economy class)

*Photos are for reference only. Meal content is subject to actual availability onboard.

China Airlines Partners with Le Palais to Bring Taiwan’s Three Michelin Stars to the Skies

China Airlines announced that it is partnering with Le Palais, the only three star Michelin restaurant in Taiwan, to launch the all new Skyward 3-Stars Private Cuisine in-flight menu. The Le Palais restaurant of the Palais de Chine Hotel is a favorite haunt of political and business elites in Taiwan. It is the only restaurant in Taiwan to have received three Michelin stars for five consecutive years. The restaurant's exquisite Yum Cha offerings and Cantonese banquets have won over Taiwanese and overseas gastronomes. China Airlines partnership with Le Palais is aimed at maximizing the post-COVID recovery in passenger traffic with Michelin-starred cuisine. The menu is inspired by the signature dishes of Ken Chen, Taiwan's first Michelin-starred chef. It incorporates elements of the secret menu, popular with regulars of Le Palais, that perfectly brings Ken’s childhood memories of great flavors to life.
The menu, designed by Le Palais and exclusive to China Airlines, will offer all travelers in Premium Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class the opportunity to enjoy a Michelin-starred tasting in the clouds. This will be the first time in the airline culinary industry that a three star Michelin restaurant from Taiwan will make its way 30,000 feet in the sky.

  • Available Period: From April 21, 2023
  • Available Routes: Flights departing from Taipei(Taoyuan) to Europe and North America、Canada, and Australia
  • Available Class: Premium Business Class/ Premium Economy/ Economy Class

*Photos are for reference only. Meal content is subject to actual availability onboard.

China Airlines Introduces Japanese Banquet Cuisine to Enhance the Travel Experience

Kaiseki cuisine from TOUTOUAN in Japan will be served on the latest tableware with hospitality from China Airlines.
China Airlines have partnered with“TOUTOUAN”Taipei, the only authorized overseas restaurant by the famous time-honored brand “TOUTOUAN'”Tokyo. Together they will bring Japan's signature Kaiseki cuisine with China Airline brand-new tableware in a Japanese “Natural Style” to the skies.

TOUTOUAN, located in Akiruno Tokyo, is related to the Kurochaya Restaurant Group with over half a century of culinary experience. This restaurant and art gallery, renovated from an old-fashioned building that has been passed down for 17 generations since the Edo period, has been serving high-end Kaiseki cuisine lasting for three generations.

China Airlines Passengers flying Premium Business and Business Class on Japan routes will be able to enjoy the exquisite menu, curated especially by the Japanese head chef Araki Hironaka; this menu makes full use of Taiwan’s seasonal ingredients, presenting a four-season Japanese-style feast in the meal.

From April to June 2024, we will be offering the Kaiseki cuisine "Spring Radiance." As the fresh greenery greets us, it marks the beginning of a sunny season. Filled with joy and anticipation, we spread our wings towards the spring radiance.

廣中新輝:Araki Hironaka

📍 Availability Period: April 01 to Jun 30, 2024
📍 Available Flights: Limited to flights departing from Taipei(Songshan)/Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, and Sapporo
📍 Available Classes: Premium Business Class/Business Class

*Photos are for reference only. Meal content is subject to actual availability onboard.

China Airlines Introduces Michelin Green Star to In-Flight Catering with Plant-based Pure Foods

The upscale vegetarian restaurant "Yang Ming Spring" has been awarded the Michelin Green Star for three consecutive years(2021~2023). The founder Mr. Chien-Hung Chen with his team adhere to the concepts of locality, purity, sustainability and life, dedicate themselves to vegetarian cultural innovation, and practice eat wiser, no leftover.

China Airlines and Yang Ming Spring have been cooperating with the same concept since 2022, and in the new year 2024 we will continue to work together to promote the art of the kitchen and the vegetarian culture and creativity on the table to an altitude of 30,000 feet, starting a beautiful journey for you with pure and delicious meals.

🍀 Available Period: Start from January 01, 2024
🍀 Available Flights: Limited to flights departing from Taiwan (except RMQ)
🍀 Available Classes: All Cabin
🍀【Onboard Dining Pre-order Service】:
    1. Special Meal -【Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)】
    2. Purity Promote -【Online Exclusive Meals】
🍀 Highlights: Yang Ming Spring insists on strictly selecting natural and local ingredients, for the year 2024, a new vegan menu is presented through different cooking methods, which not only takes into account health but also provides our passengers with a pure dining experience that is surprising and satisfying.
    ※2024 Jan.~Jun. Business/ Premium Economy Class Appetizer《Platter Salad》:Fresh orange-infused sweet potato with tomatoes, appetizingly rolled spinach drizzled with special pine nut sesame sauce, sliced konjac topped with wasabi sauce, and finished with seaweed jelly.
    ※2024 Jan.~Jun. Long-haul Business Class Soup《Truffle Cream Soup》:Abundant mushrooms oven-roasted, vegetable broth meticulously simmered, refined with black truffle sauce and white truffle oil, creating a fragrant delight.
    ※2024 Q2 Business Class main course《Vegan Lion Mushroom with Black Pepper Sauce and Toon Flavor Eight-Treasure Noodles》:The classic main course of Yang Ming Spring, Lion Mushroom with Black Pepper Sauce, paired with Eight-Treasure Noodles tossed in special toon flavor vegan minced meat sauce, featuring ingredients like pine nuts, edamame, and mushrooms, enriches every bite with a variety of textures.
    ※2024 Q2 Premium Economy/ Economy Class main course《Truffle Mushroom Risotto Gratin》:Cooked in a vegetable broth, the white rice is infused with the aroma of Italian black truffle sauce and plant-based cream, enhancing its fragrance and creaminess. The top layer of the dish is topped with vegan cheese, made from soy milk, potatoes, and yeast to contribute the flavor. Baked chickpeas, rich in protein, are added for a satisfying touch.

*Photos are for reference only. Actual meal content refer onboard.
*The dishes may contain nuts and nut-based ingredients.

China Airlines x Le Ruban Introduces Signature Desserts

China Airlines partnered with Le Ruban Patisserie to to collaborate on an exclusive dessert series incorporating locally sourced seasonal ingredients from Taiwan.

📍Available Period: From April 1, 2024
📍Available Routes:
    1. Limited to flights departing from Taipei(Songshan)/Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, and Sapporo.
    2. Limited to flights departing from Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung to Beijing, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta, Bali.
📍Available Class: Premium Business Class/Business Class
    1. Exclusive to Taiwan to some Japan flight routes, this season introduces the Toffee Double Cheesecake, crafted using two distinct cheeses with flavors from different regions – rich creaminess from Japanese Kyushu milk and delicate softness from Italian Mascarpone. The caramel layer in the middle adds a sweet fragrance without being overwhelming, providing passengers with a luxurious and delightful culinary experience.
    2. Exclusive to Taipei and Kaohsiung to some regional routes, we introduce the French Style Flan in this season. Vanilla is the noblest spice in making desserts. Formosa abounds in nature's gifts of geography and climate which is favor of vanilla cultivation from farmland to dining table. By using the classic French technique and the unique floral vanilla of Nantou, we present the most wonderful Taiwanese flavor to every passenger without any distance.

*Photos are for reference only. Meal content is subject to actual availability onboard.
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Premium Business Class & Business Class

China Airlines has prepared gastronomic delights 36,000 feet in the air for passengers with hand-selected ingredients that convey our passion for food. Through our experience in food and diversity in sourcing, China Airlines fulfills its commitment to environmental sustainability and planet Earth. 

In addition to supporting a variety of conservation initiatives across the world, China Airlines is an advocate against the use of illegal wild plants and animal ingredients and supports efforts to combat the illegal trafficking of plants and animals.

Passengers flying Premium Business Class are welcomed to pre-order their main courses from 21 days to 24hours before departure.


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Premium Economy Class

China Airlines will upgrade the content of in-flight meal after the epidemic, which is different from the design of Economy Class menu. The tableware will be the highlight of Premium Economy Class. Passengers flying Premium Economy Class are welcomed to pre-order their main courses from 21 days to 24hours before departure.


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Economy Class

Four top Taiwanese chefs, Jian-fa Shi, Chao-lin Chen, Ho-chin Chang, and Hong-che Kuo, named by the Chinese Gourmet Association were invited by China Airlines to combine their expertise in well-known Taiwanese cuisine and collaborate alongside the China Pacific Catering Services chef’s experience on in-flight catering. 

Together, they created food with distinctive flavors highlighting the regional beauty of Taiwan while overcoming the constraints of in-flight catering and elevating Economy Class meals to new heights.

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Special Meal

For children, infants or those with special religious dietary restrictions, please contact the China Airlines reservations center no later than 24 hours before departure. We will do our best to cater to your needs. Travelers with special dietary requirements due to food allergies are asked to prepare their own food.

From December 2022, you can enjoy THE MICHELIN Green Star restaurant Yang Ming Spring cuisine by pre-ordering a vegetarian oriental meal 24 hours before your flight departure.

The options are: Vegetarian Oriental Meal, Vegetarian Vegan Meal, Moslem Meal, Kosher Meal, Child Meal, and Infant Meal. 

*The content of special meals and service flights are subject to actual availability.


Special Meal Menu
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