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Information for Travelers

Traveling to the United States

Notice for Passengers Traveling to the United States

According to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in addition to paying attention to and abiding by relevant regulations, passengers traveling to the United States must also complete a second security check in front of the departure lounge 90 minutes before boarding. 

Entry Quarantine Requirements for Animals, Plants, and Related Products Carried by Passengers from China (PDF)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Requirements

According to DHS requirements, the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) requires key items such as the country of residence, passport expiration date, and address in the United States (unnecessary for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and transfer passengers who are staying for less than eight hours). For details, please contact the customer service center of a large travel agency or China Airlines.

Airport Free Shuttle Bus

Free Shuttle Service Provided by China Airlines to/from New York JFK Airport. Please click here for more information.

United States Air Transport Barrier-Free Act
Civil Aviation Authority's New Security Check Regulations
Transit and Transfer in Taiwan

Transit and Transfer Passengers in Taiwan

  1. Due to the rising tension of international terrorism, countries all over the world are enhancing their controls on passengers’ personal liquid, gel, and spray articles (hereinafter referred to as "LAGs"). The Civil Aviation Authority invited relevant units such as airlines, duty-free shops, Aviation Police Office, and air stations to meet together and discuss control measures on LAGs carried by outgoing and transit passengers (including transfer passengers) on April 29, 1997. Through negotiation and by using measures taken by the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand as a reference, they implemented the following measure to enhance and maintain flight safety: LAGs carried by transit and transfer passengers who take international flights in Taiwan cannot be personally carried to the airplane if the LAGs do not conform to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations. (The volume of a single container may not exceed 100 ml.) This measure began on a trial basis on May 16, 1997 and was formally implemented on June 1, 1997. 
  2. The following control measures which were implemented on March 1, 1996 still apply to LAGs carried by outgoing passengers:    
    1. The volume of the liquid, gel, and spray article containers personally carried by passengers cannot exceed 100 ml (100c.c.). 
    2. All liquid, gel, and spray article containers shall be put into a re-sealable transparent plastic bag (no larger than 1 liter, with width: 20 cm; length: 20 cm). When all containers are put into the plastic bag, the plastic bag must be completely sealed.
    3. A passenger can carry only one of the aforementioned plastic bags. When going through the security check, the passenger must take the plastic bag out of the carry-on baggage and put it into the basket for visual and X-ray inspection by the security staff. 
    4. After being reported to the security staff and approved, necessary articles, including baby milk/food, medicine, and liquid, gel, and spray articles required for medical care which are carried by passengers and do not conform to the foregoing regulations on volume, can be carried without restrictions .
European Union’s Security Check

European Union’s Security Check

Effective from November 6, 2006, with the exception of the following articles, liquid, gel, and spray articles are not allowed to be carried personally or put into carry-on baggage by outgoing or transfer passengers from the European Union member states:

  1. Each container of liquid, gel, and spray articles must be equal to or less than 100 ml and put into a re-sealable transparent 1 liter plastic bag and pass X-ray inspection. Each passenger can carry only one plastic bag. 
  2. Passengers shall report necessary carry-on articles to the security staff, such as baby food, medicine, or special food. 
  3. As for duty-free goods purchased on European airline flights or after passengers go through the boarding pass checkpoints in the airports of European Union member states, these goods shall be packed in a transparent plastic bag sealed and signed by the seller, with the sale certificate attached for the security staff’s visual inspection.
In addition, each passenger shall take off his or her coat and take the laptop or large-scale electronic equipment out of the carry-on baggage for inspection.
Exit Seat Passenger Information

Exit Seat Passenger Information

To comply with the civil aeronautics administration (CAA) rules, if you are seated in an exit row, and you do not understand Exit Seat Passenger Information, or are unable to read, speak or understand the language, or you cannot or do not wish to be assistance for these procedures, please inform a ground staff/cabin crew for reseating.