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Membership Privileges & Obligations

  1. The membership card is non-transferable, and each member can only have one membership number.

  2. Violation of regulations or procedures or submission of falsified information will result in termination of membership and membership benefits such as accrued mileage and awards. China Airlines reserves the right to prosecute for illegal gains in such violations. If a member obtains any loss as a result of an oversight or error of this program, China Airlines' liability is limited to the compensation equivalent of such a loss.

  3. Members are fully responsible for paying any service charge or tax for awards in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  4. Members should not use a hotel or travel agency's address or e-mail address as their point of contact. Member may apply data correction online by logging in China Airlines Dynasty Member webpage (excluding North America area), and to cope with the personal information protection law, member must fill out application form and provide photocopy of passports and letter of attorney for changing ID number, birthday, English/Chinese name; members may also apply at China Airlines downtown office for member data correction. China Airlines shall not be responsible for any loss or delay of mailing due to incorrect address or e-mail address.

  5. China Airlines has the right to limit the number of passengers using upgrade awards or free award tickets on each flight.

  6. China Airlines reserves the right to revise or terminate Dynasty Flyer Program and retains full ownership of membership cards. Members must exercise their rights in accordance with the program rules. China Airlines may, either with or without notice, terminate membership status at any time if members violate any of the conditions listed below. Members are also expected to compensate for the losses suffered by China Airlines as a consequence of their actions.
    • China Airlines shall cancel membership, accrued mileage and redeemed awards of members who profit through illegal means (such as earning miles under a fictitious name or selling miles or awards). Such members will also be responsible for compensation of the equivalent cash amount for the airline miles improperly earned/redeemed.
    • Unreasonable demands for undue privileges or failure to abide by flight cabin or airport lounge regulations, which create problems to China Airlines' staff.
    • Verbal and/or physical behavior believed to endanger flight safety or infringe on the rights of other passengers.
    • False or improper statements that damage China Airlines' reputation.
    • Violation of any terms of General Conditions of Carriage.
    • Other actions in general that involve improper use or abuse of membership privileges.
    • Membership will be terminated if members are deceased.

  7. Membership will be automatically expired without notice if members do not hold available award numbers and there is no update in mileage record and personal data (including membership tier) within 6 years.

  8. When membership is terminated, all accrued mileage, awards and related membership benefits, whether already redeemed or not (including Paragon Spouse Gold Card), will also be terminated without notice.

  9. Partnership mileage was developed as part of the Dynasty Flyer Program to increase members' mileage-earning opportunities. China Airlines is not involved with the pricing and operational procedures of any of its partners. In the case of a transactional dispute, members should contact the participating partner directly. The content of the partnership is based on the contract that China Airlines signs with such partners and is subject to change without notice.

  10. All privileges relating to members' mileage, award redemption and benefits are conducted in accordance with the rules on China Airlines' website.