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We Care About the Earth

China Airlines regards environmental protection as a major focus for corporate governance, and is thus taking initiatives in promoting energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental management operations. We have implemented specific environmental principles and policies to ensure our compliance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to strive for a sustainable future. 

When we lift off in an airplane into the fluffy embrace of the clouds, we sense the heartbeat of the Earth. The uplifting air condenses to become our love for the Earth, and our commitment to protect and minimize our impact on the ecosystem as we glide through the sky. We vow to reduce our carbon footprint, and spread seeds of loving the Earth, to keep the world spinning on without end. 

We sincerely invite you to join our initiative by first adopting eco-friendly travel practices, such as packing light and minimizing excess luggage. Afterward, offset your carbon emissions through our 'ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting Program' to support global climate action initiatives.

ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting Program is China Airlines' service for customers' carbon offset needs. Delivered in partnership with Climate Impact Partners and Carbon Analytics, it allows you to measure the emissions generated by your flight, offset them with Climate Impact Partners, and be a friend to our Earth and the environment.


Simply click the link https://china-airlines.co2analytics.com/home (note) to join our ECO TRAVEL program.  (Download ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting User Guide)

Moreover, in response to the energy transition and development of clean energy in the global aviation and transportation industries due to climate change, China Airlines has initiated the Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Program. This initiative aims to mitigate carbon emissions within the aviation sector and provide low-carbon transportation services to our corporate member customers. We sincerely invite your support and participation.

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