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China Airlines Sustainability Demonstration Flight Garners Twin Awards

Published: Jul 08, 2022

China Airlines, Taiwan’s flag carrier, took up SkyTeam’s “The Sustainable Flight Challenge” (TSFC) by launching a sustainability demonstration flight which incorporated close to a hundred eco-friendly and carbon reduction measures. Carbon emissions were reduced by 10 tons, or nearly 20%, the equivalent of planting a forest the size of 25 basketball courts. SkyTeam and the sustainability judging panel were both impressed by the effort and awarded China Airlines for 2 awards, including “Best Sustainable Innovation Cargo” award and “Best Employee Engagement” award. China Airlines is continuing to attract global attention with its outstanding ESG performance.

SkyTeam is encouraging member airlines to embrace sustainable development and 16 airlines were invited to take part in the first “The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC)”. The challenge is a friendly competition that invites member airlines to share their knowledge. On May 4th under the team name “Plum Blossom”, China Airlines designated flight CI-753 from Taipei to Singapore as its sustainability demonstration flight. The team delivered a strong performance in all three areas of Impact, Innovation, and Collaboration, as the winners were announced on the 6th of this month. China Airlines’ contribution to sustainable corporate development and the remarkable display of teamwork impressed the judges, garnering the airline both the “Best Sustainable Innovation Cargo” award and “Best Employee Engagement” award. Additionally, the outstanding performance made China Airlines a finalist for the “Best Waste Management” award and the “Best Customer Engagement” award, earning praise from SkyTeam.

The “ECO Service” philosophy pervaded the China Airlines sustainability demonstration flight, which included fuel-saving route planning, apron operations, online check-in, and in-flight catering and amenities. Passengers were encouraged to take public transport to the airport, pre-order their meals, as well as bring their own eco-friendly duty-free bags, eco cups and cutlery. These measures proved popular with travelers. The sustainability demonstration flight produced nearly 80% less waste than standard flights. Travelers who pre-ordered their meals also helped cut down on kitchen scraps by more than 90%. The results were far better than expected thanks to the support of travelers. China Airlines plans to progressively roll out initiatives from the sustainability demonstration flight to the rest of the fleet where practical.

To encourage more travelers to join in protecting the environment, China Airlines is now bringing sustainable amenities from the flight to everyday life. A number of exclusive amenities from the sustainability demonstration flight will be shared with travelers, including the “China Airlines S’Life Travel Kit” made from retired aircraft life vests and co-developed with a cultural creativity brand in Taiwan. The stylish and very functional “China Airlines RPET Shopping Bag” is made from 100% recycled plastic bottle yarn and the “Business Class Blanket” and “Economy Class Blanket” are made from recycled coffee grounds. This limited edition merchandise will be listed on the China Airlines eMall website for Taiwan.(2022/07/08)