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Membership Benefits

Membership Privileges

Click the card to learn more about Privileges of Dynasty Flyer Program at each membership tier.

The following benefits apply only to China Airlines' and Mandarin Airlines' self-operated flights, and not to code-shared flights operated by other airlines. Please provide your membership card number upon booking to enjoy member exclusive benefits.

Comparison Table of Benefits at Each Membership Tier




    Member Privileges
    Upgrade Welcome Offer--
    Complimentary Gold Card---
    Renewal Gift--
    Birthday Gift Miles-
    Incentive Mileage-15%25%30%
    Convenient Reservation
    Reservation Hotline and Fax-
    Priority Reservation Wait- List-
    Guaranteed Reservation--
    Domestic Ticket Discount5% off10% off10% off10% off
    Seat Selection*Partial FreePartial FreeMember + 1 Companion**Member + 2 Companions**
    Exemption for Reissue Service Charge--
    Exemption for Award Ticket Reissue or Refund Handling Fee---
    Airport Priority
    Exclusive Airport Check-In Counter-
    Extra Baggage Allowance-1 Piece1 Piece2 Pieces
    Priority Baggage Handling-
    Airport VIP Lounge Access-1 companion1. Self-operated : 2 companions
    2. Authorized third-party operated : 1 companion
    Companion Cabin Upgrade at Airport--
    Other Benefits
    Mileage Earning and Awards
    Discounts on in-flight Duty Free Shop***-

    * For more details, please refer to Seat Selection.
    ** For more details, please refer to each membership tier.
    *** Tobacco, alcohol and specific products are excluded and cannot be used in conjunction with online pre-order duty-free product discounts.
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