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China Airlines Invites Travelers to Support Sustainable Green Footprint with New Personal Protective Kit 2.0

Published: May 16, 2022

Taiwan’s China Airlines is gearing up for post-pandemic travel by launching an all-new onboard personal protective kit 2.0 that incorporates sustainability and artistic ideals. The face mask now incorporates the plum blossom motif and features “wearable” artwork through a partnership with leading Taiwanese painters. As an added bonus, it also includes a 15% discount coupon for Taoyuan Airport MRT to ensure that travelers can fly safely and in style. 

All travelers on China Airlines flights will receive the free personal protection kit 2.0, effective immediately. The kit contains an exclusive color-printed mask, alcohol disinfectant wipes, and carbon reduction flying card. The kit’s volume has been increased along with its length and width to encourage the general public to get the most use out of the epidemic prevention items. Travelers are also encouraged to reuse the outer shell so that the protection kit is no longer just a disposable item, but a diverse and sustainable work of art. 

Protection kit 2.0 comes in two series and eight styles. The initial launch will focus on sustainability and minimalism. The plum blossom theme is complemented by corporate logos and sustainability marks that form the China Airlines motif. The orange “Plum Blossom of Sustainability” mask, the blue “Voyage of Sustainability” mask as well as the brown and gray “Cloud of Sustainability” mask each come in protective kit shells of the same style. The kits encourage travelers to join China Airlines in embracing green sustainability based around “Safe Flight, Green Footprints.” 

The second series to be unveiled is the Charm of Taiwan. The paintings of contemporary Taiwanese artists including the Language of the Trumpet Vine by Shu-nu Lin, See/Sea Mandala by Simon Wang, as well as Fireworks Night and Spring Cherry Blossoms of Alishan by Wo-yuan Li were printed on face masks in a first time cross-over collaboration. The flowers of Taiwan, coastal views of Guishan in Yilan, Taipei 101 at night, and the Alishan Forest Train leap into view when travelers wear their masks, showcasing the beauty of Taiwan. Air mail provided the inspiration for the outer shell of the protection kit. The four paintings are transformed into post card stamps symbolizing the beautiful sights of Taiwan being sent across the world. 

China Airlines has long embraced the philosophy of sustainable development. This time, the airline has partnered with Eyesmobii and its Mobii app to promote green living. Included in protective kit 2.0 is a carbon reduction flying card with a QR code that can be scanned for a 15% discount on Taoyuan Airport MRT. Travelers are encouraged to use public transport during their journey to conserve energy, reduce their carbon emissions, and create sustainable green footprints. The extension of service from the air to the ground is aimed at promoting “low-carbon flying services” along with "green ground transportation” and "green travel consumption.”