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China Airlines Introduces ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting

Published: Nov 20, 2018

China Airlines announced an “ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting” service that allows travelers to learn about the carbon footprint and emissions generated during their flight. Travelers can now also achieve “carbon neutrality” and “zero carbon” when they fly by volunteering to take part in carbon offsetting.
In partnership with UK environmental organization ClimateCare, China Airlines now offers an online carbon footprint calculator that lets travelers calculate their personal CO2 emissions when they book a flight through the CAL website. Travelers can then make their journey effectively carbon neutral by offsetting their carbon footprint with environmentally friendly and sustainable carbon reduction projects offered by ClimateCare. Travelers’ participation in international sustainability initiatives allows them to become an active part of the global effort to ensure the environmental sustainability of planet Earth.
Committed to corporate social responsibility, China Airlines continues to fight climate change through environmental, energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives. In 2015, China Airlines became the first carrier in Taiwan to calculate the carbon footprint for each passenger and tonne of freight using actual operational results and parameters in accordance with the carbon footprint calculation guidelines issued by the ICAO and IATA. The results are openly disclosed on the China Airlines CSR website. Additionally, various energy conservation projects are now underway at China Airlines. The CAL Corporate Administration and Training Building have received the "Diamond-rated" green building mark by the Ministry of the Interior, while active efforts are also being made to conserve fuel and reduce carbon emissions for flight operations. Sustainable alternative fuel was also used for the ferrying of new A350 aircraft, making China Airlines the first Taiwanese carrier to use sustainable alternative fuels - a new milestone in carbon reduction for the Taiwanese aviation industry.
China Airlines provides travelers with quality products and services that balance the sustainable development needs of the environment, society and governance. China Airlines has won many accolades in recent years, including the "Enterprise Environmental Protection Award (Gold Medal)”, Environmental Protection Honor Award, EPIF "International Green Classics Awards", Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), and a rating of "Category B~A enterprises" by the Carbon Disclosure Project. In 2017, China Airlines became the first airline group in the world to receive the international carbon footprint certificate and carbon label. This year, China Airlines successfully renewed its certification on ISO 14001 (International Environmental Management System Standard), ISO 50001 (Energy Management System Standard), and ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Management System Standard). Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for the third consecutive year and selection for the FTSE4 Good Emerging Index all represented public recognition of the sustainability efforts at China Airlines.
For more information regarding the China Airlines ECO Travel Carbon Offset Program, please visit:

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