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Nuan-Hsuan Ho Appointed as Chairman of China Airlines, Su-Chien Hsieh Becomes President

Published: Jun 24, 2016

At an extraordinary meeting of the China Airlines Board of Directors held at noon today (6/24), Mr. Nuan-Hsuan Ho was elected as the new Chairman of China Airlines. As President Yu-Hern Chang also tendered his resignation, the Board agreed to appoint Mr. Su-Chien Hsieh, the Chairman of Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Ltd., as the new President of China Airlines on the recommendation of Chairman Ho.
Chairman Ho is a graduate of the Central Police University. He holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Minnesota Metropolitan State University, and a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chung Hua University. Mr. Ho’s extensive experience in the transportation sector includes serving as the Director-General of the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, Director General of the Bureau of High Speed Rail, and Director-General of the Taiwan Railway Administration. He has also served as Administrative Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and Chairman of Chunghwa Post. Before his appointment as the Chairman of China Airlines he was the Chairman of the Taoyuan Metro Corporation.
President Hsieh graduated from Soochow University and has more than thirty years of experience with China Airlines. He rose from the ranks and possesses extensive management experience. Hsieh’s previous experience included Sales Manager of China Airlines’ Taipei Branch Office, General Manager of the Indonesia and Kaohsiung branch offices, Director of Taiwan Region and General Manager of Taipei Branch Office, General Manager of Australia Branch Office and Vice President of Marketing. Before his appointment as the President of China Airlines he served as the Chairman of Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Ltd., a part of the China Airlines Group. (2016/06/24)