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Notification for Boarding Certificate Application Form

Notification for Boarding Certificate Application Form

Since 23 March of 2009, when passenger purchase ticket from China airlines website, departed from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, we provide Invoice Application service and will required extra fee. 

Notification:Each application cost NTD 100 for one route, and passenger will receive one original document and one copy. Please notice that KHH-TPE connecting to other             international flight will considered as one route. 

The admissibility China Airlines offices information as below:

  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport / Kauhsiung International Airport Applicant can apply this service in person to the airport counter, and pay by cash. The reception hours will be 08:30 – 16:30 Fri to Mon. 
    China Airlines Taipei, Chungli, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung branch office will accept The applicant can apply this service in person at branch office during office hour,     and will be able to pay by cash, or credit card. When apply by fax or mail, required transit the fee to designated account and provide receipts, we will send the invoice application     once the payment has been confirmed. 

  • Taipei (Includes Chungli, Hsinchu): Account:中華航空股份有限公司,第一商業銀行007(南京東路分行1439) Number:143-10-011005 
  • Taichung Account:中華航空股份有限公司,台北富邦銀行012(中港分行6719) Number:671102113669 
  • Tainan Account:中華航空股份有限公司,日盛國際商業銀行815(台南分行0071) Number:102-23355198-999
  • Kaohsiung Account:中華航空股份有限公司,臺灣土地銀行005(中正分行0599) Number:059-00-1151619

Consulting hotline and fax information: 

  • Taipei: Tel:(02) 25145713 Fax: (02) 25145723 
  • Chungli: Tel:(03) 4275656 Fax: (03) 4275858 
  • Hsinchu: Tel:(03) 6687676 Fax: (03) 6686908 
  • Taichung: Tel:(04) 23259592 Ext.2329/2328/2327  Fax: (04) 23259613 
  • Tainan: Tel:(06) 2358099 Ext.2357 Fax: (06) 2357299 
  • Kaohsiung: Tel:(07) 2315186 Ext.1257/1258 Fax:(07)-2131293
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport: Tel:(03) 3988888 
  • Kauhsiung International Airport: Tel:(07) 8012674 
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