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All-New China Airlines App - The Mobile Secretary that Understands You

Published: Dec 14, 2016

China Airlines and the Institute for Information Industry (III) today (12/14) jointly announced the release of China Airlines’ all new app service. Deputy Director-General Lu Cheng-hua from the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau, Director Tsai Jui-tang from the Institute for Information Industry, Vice President Lu Shih-Ming of China Airlines’ Information Management Division, Vice President Peng Long-min of China Airlines’ Corporate Communications Office, and Vice President Liu Shyh-hwa of China Airlines’ In-Flight Service Supply division were on hand to take part in the ceremonial installation and activation of the app. The ceremony represented how the all-new China Airlines app gives you, the passenger, full control over every detail of your journey.
The Industrial Development Bureau provided a grant under the Smart Broadband City Development Program to support cross-industry integration of 4G services that will accelerate the adoption of 4G mobile broadband application services, strengthen the development of the smart broadband application service industry in Taiwan, and enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s communications industry. This will in turn help realize overall goals of sustainable services, industry upgrade, local rewards and making a difference to the general public. China Airlines has partnered with exceptional local and foreign vendors including SoftMobile, AJA and ITRI to leverage innovative technologies for the development of the new Mobile 3.0 app service’s interface design and functions. Though up to nearly 100 applications were made, only a few candidates made the final cut. China Airlines was the only airline in Taiwan to successfully secure a grant from the MOEA Industrial Development Bureau.
The revamped China Airlines app is the first from a local airline to offer personalized scenario-based interactive services. The innovative application of Big Data technology provides personalized recommendations and high-quality services that are “simple, convenient and know what you need.” It’s like having your own personal travel secretary that can provide the flight information and services you need right now based on your itinerary. The China Airlines app takes care of everything including pre-flight check-in, electronic boarding passes and tickets, easy management of personal itineraries and frequent flyer miles. By keeping track of the latest flight information, it allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of your trip. China Airlines will continue to update the app going forward to ensure the most personalized and attentive travel services.
Mobile app services have been offered by China Airlines since August 2008. The numerous revisions made since then have all been aimed at crafting a mobile app that looks after passengers and provides the services they truly need. The new China Airlines app is now available in four languages (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English/Japanese) with coverage of 145 destinations in 29 countries around the world. By reaching out to more than 14.23 million global passengers, it will help raise Taiwan's international profile and make every trip a pleasant and relaxing experience. (2016/12/14)