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China Airlines Releases All New "# WhatTravelBringsYou" Brand Commercial - 60 Pregnant Mothers Gather to Show off the Most Precious Souvenirs of their Travels

Published: Jun 14, 2019

What kind of souvenir makes a trip unforgettable? An Eiffel Tower key ring? An I Love New York T-shirt? A Japanese talisman? Or a fridge magnet from a particular scenic area? These souvenirs may sound familiar but might be just a little commonplace. What would you pick to be your most precious souvenir?
China Airlines' all-new 2019 "# WhatTravelBringsYou " brand commercial premiered on the China Airlines YouTube channel at 16:00 today (6/14). For the afternoon premiere event, 60 pregnant mothers were invited to get together and show off their most precious "souvenirs." Celebrities Hsin-Ling Chung and Dr. Bow also took part in the event to share their most unforgettable trips and the best "stork-chasing" destinations. If you want to have a baby in your life, fly with China Airlines and come home with the most precious souvenir!
The # WhatTravelBringsYou " commercial presents souvenirs each with their own meaning that different travelers bring home with them. A young man with his leg in a cast looks at a snapped snowboard hanging on the wall - that was from Hokkaido. A girl looks at the two lines on a pregnancy test pen - that was from Australia. The ad reminds everyone that every trip will always leave something in your life. When you look at the souvenirs, the memories will come flooding back and remind of you of those dreams that you promised yourself to chase.
Senior Vice President Ya-Mei Lo said: "The best way to relax the mind and body is to take a holiday. It will also leave you with great memories. The new # WhatTravelBringsYou " brand concept from China Airlines hopes to remind people that they should always find the time to relax no matter how busy they are. They may even receive an unexpected surprise and come home with special souvenirs of their own!"
China Airlines invited mothers-to-be that became pregnant on their overseas holidays to register online for the premiere event. More than 500 enthusiastic applications were received within 10 days, and 60 mothers were eventually chosen to join in showing off the most precious souvenirs from their holidays. A prize draw held on the day also saw one lucky mother win return airfares for three to any China Airlines destination. The winning mother was delighted with her luck and said that she would start planning another trip with her husband once their baby is born so that they can take their "souvenir" on another fun-filled holiday. Celebrities Hsn-Ling Chung and Dr. Bow were on hand to share their travel stories with the pregnant mothers. They also revealed that the "Best Stork-Chasing Destinations" based on the results of the online registration system were Japan, Rome and Thailand. Pregnant mothers shared their romantic stories from their trips and agreed that "the baby in their belly is without a doubt the most meaningful and most precious souvenir of their trip."
China Airlines has striven for the last 60 years to create more travel value for travelers. In recent years, the airline has focused on traveler interest and the meaning of travel. The "#TravelWithParents" and "#TheTripYouPromised" commercials proved tremendously popular online. This year's "# WhatTravelBringsYou " commercial presents a new kind of souvenir - every trip might bring something into your life. Set off now to explore and to discover! China Airlines is now offering promotional fares to more than 10 destinations on a limited-time basis as well. For more information, please visit the China Airlines website. (2019/06/14)
China Airlines YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/7pUf0zy5iv8

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