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Check-in Requirements

In order to ensure a smooth boarding process, please leave sufficient time for check-in, security check, immigration check, and/or customs procedure.

China Airlines' check-in counter working time and boarding preparation time are different in different airports. Generally, you are advised to check in two hours prior to the departure time listed on the flight timetable. However, in some busy airports, for example, airports in the United States, the procedures are strict. Therefore, you may need to check in three hours in advance or even earlier. At a minimum, we recommend that you check in one hour before the scheduled departure time.

If you have special needs or considerations (for example, if you are an unaccompanied child, or a passenger with disability, hearing/visual impairment, block seat baggage, or wheelchairs), you are advised to check in two hours prior to the departure time listed on the flight timetable so that we have enough time to address your needs

Checking in on time is very important. Otherwise, the seat you reserved may be canceled or you may be unable to board smoothly.

For Airport Check-In Counter and Terminal Information, please click here.

Check-In Precautions

  1. Air Ticket
    • The use of the air ticket must comply with China Airlines regulations. An air ticket is a contract. Please do not mark over or modify your air ticket; otherwise, the air ticket is deemed invalid. Please verify that the name on the air ticket is the same as that on the passport. If you purchase an e-ticket, please take your e-ticket receipt to be checked by the counter staff. 
    • Note: Air ticket prices vary according to the off/peak season, flight date, and ticket booking area. Please verify that your booking matches your air ticket so that you will not have to be inconvenienced.2
  2. Travel Documents
    • Please note that you are required to have a passport when you are traveling to other countries. Some countries even have requirements on the passport's validity period.
    • With the exception of the passport, visa requirements, travel documents, or entry permits vary according to the country you enter. If you do not prepare your travel documents, your travel may be inconvenienced or you may even be rejected and deported after arriving at your destination.
    • China Airlines is not responsible for expenses incurred due to denied entry because of incorrect documents or passengers' personal reasons. 
  3. Checked Baggage and Seat-Blocking Baggage
    • Please verify that your baggage has identification or name tags. You can get name tags from any China Airlines' counter in airports. Please write your name in English correctly and clearly on the name tag and attach it to your baggage. Most importantly, you must carry your medicine, travel documents, and valuables with you.
    • Before you set out, please refer to the baggage allowance indicated on the air ticket. You must pay for baggage which exceeds this allowance. If you have several subsequent transfer flights, please notify the check-in staff. Generally, your baggage can be sent directly to your destination. In order to ensure a safe flight and meet the requirements of the cabin facilities, the size and weight of the hand-carry bags are restricted. If necessary, your baggage must be checked by customs or government officials
    • To abide by governmental regulations of every country and to support international biodiversity conservation actions, please do not carry illegal wildlife, and work together to combat illegal wildlife trade.

After you finish checking in, we advise you to

  • Make sure that the information (such as the name, flight, and destination) on the boarding pass is correct.
  • Make sure that you receive the checked baggage receipt with the correct information and destination.
  • Make sure that travel documents, air tickets of subsequent flight segments, and stubs are all returned to you.
  • Complete all other necessary procedures, such as security check and passport check.
  • Different airport may have different customs clearance and security screening process, please proceed to the boarding gate as early as possible.


Boarding/ Transfer/ Entry Requirements


  • Get to the departure lounge according to the time on the boarding pass as soon as possible. Get to the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • Please pay attention to the boarding announcement and board the plane in order. Passengers carrying children under 2 years old, or requiring special assistance board the plane first. Then, Premium Business-Class/Business-Class passengers, Paragon Card passengers, Emerald Card passengers, SkyTeam Elite Plus members, Gold Card passengers, Corporate Flyer Service certificate holders, CTBC China Airlines Co-Branded Card holders, SkyTeam Elite members, Premium Economy Class passengers and Economy Class passengers will consecutively board the plane.
  • The China Airlines staff will check the size of hand-carry bags at the boarding gate or in the departure lounge. The hand-carry bags whose sizes exceed the limit will be consigned. The passenger shall pay for excess baggage (for example, if the baggage to be consigned exceeds the free allowance).
  • Tip: When the cabin door is closed and the plane is preparing for take-off, you cannot use your mobile phone until the plane lands and the cabin door is opened.

Transfer Requirements

  • If you need help during transfer, contact China Airlines' ground crew.
  • Generally, checked baggage is directly consigned to the destination from the departure station. Tip: The customs of some countries requires that customs' baggage clearance be completed at the transfer station.
  • If you choose China Airlines for your entire trip, you can generally get all your boarding passes at the departure station.

Entry Requirements

  • You must prepare your travel documents for entry, such as passport and visa. Abide by the destination country's customs and quarantine regulations.
  • If you need help during entry, please contact China Airlines' ground crew

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