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China Airlines Launches A350 “Flying Ambassador” to Explore the Beauty of Taiwan

Published: Apr 26, 2016

China Airlines is set to begin taking delivery of its new Airbus A350 aircraft in July this year. The new aircraft will follow a “Flying Ambassador of Taiwan” naming theme by combining birds and unique features of Taiwan. China Airlines Chairman Huang-Hsiang Sun announced on April 26 that the first and second A350 will be named the Mikado Pheasant and the Taiwan Blue Magpie; the general public is invited to vote online to name their preferred “Flying Ambassador of Taiwan” for the remaining 12 new aircraft.
The A350 is one of the most advanced passenger aircraft in the world and is renowned for being the “most high-tech, most eco-friendly, most energy-saving, most spacious and quietest of aircraft.” The design of the wings was inspired by birds and can modify shape in-flight to realize fuel savings of up to 17%. Taiwan is renowned as a bird-watching paradise and is a popular destination for many Western bird-watchers. China Airlines has selected the Mikado Pheasant and the Taiwan Blue Magpie, two bird species unique to Taiwan, as the names for the first two new aircraft. The Mikado Pheasant is famed for its royal bearing and it features prominently on thousand NT dollar bill; the Taiwan Blue Magpie previously took first place in a competition to choose the national bird. The choice of the Mikado Pheasant and the Taiwan Blue Magpie as China Airlines' A350 flying ambassadors is therefore of great symbolic value.
Win Tickets by Voting for the A350 Flying Ambassadors
China Airlines is introducing 14 new A350 aircraft. Each will be given its own “Flying Ambassador of Taiwan” name which will be proudly displayed on the fuselage. Passengers around the world will be able to admire the beauty of Taiwan in a demonstration of “Citizen Diplomacy.” While the decision has been made to name the first two new aircraft after the Mikado Pheasant and the Taiwan Blue Magpie, China Airlines is also hosting a “China Airlines A350 Flying Ambassador Contest” with everyone invited to vote for the flying ambassadors of the other 12 new aircraft online.
After consulting with the Chinese Wild Bird Federation and other experts, China Airlines drew up a short list of 24 bird species based on four categories - endemic species of Taiwan, migratory birds important to Taiwan, bright plumage and graceful demeanor. The general public is invited to vote online and select 12 species to become A350 flying ambassadors. Between April 26 and May 20, each person will be able to vote on three species each day and login every day to vote. Those who vote and share the campaign on Facebook will also go into the draw to win China Airlines tickets. Two winners will be drawn on May 27 and each will receive two free economy class return airfares to Europe aboard China Airlines. During the campaign one lucky voter each day will be chosen to receive a China Airlines A350 model aircraft. Everyone is encouraged to vote every day on the birds that they think will make the most beautiful A350 flying ambassadors! For more information about the event, please visit the event website: http://www.china-airlines-a350.com.tw/.