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VIP Lounge Redemption

As a reward for DFP members' long-term support, you have the option to redeem the VIP Lounge Usage award with your usable mileage for the higher-quality rest. The Dynasty Flyer Program (DFP) provides frequent flyers of China Airlines with a set of value-added and considerate services. After joining the program, you can accumulate relevant flight and partnership mileage for future award redemption. In addition, we continuously provide members with discounts on tourism products to give you better travel experience.

Redeem VIP Lounge Usage

Members may redeem the VIP Lounge Usage award to enter our airport VIP lounge. 

  1. Dynasty members may redeem one VIP Lounge Usage award for business-class zone with 5,000 miles for themselves at VIP lounge check-in counters when flying with China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines departing from Taipei Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Bangkok, Tokyo Narita and San Francisco. (This award is not provided to companions.)
  2. Gold, Emerald and Paragon members may redeem their mileage to invite extra guests, in addition to the allowable number of their membership, to use our airport VIP lounge together when flying with China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines departing from Taipei Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Bangkok, Tokyo and San Francisco.
  3. Mileage redemption standard is as follows:

Mileage redemption standard
MembershipZoneRequired mileage per person
Gold, Emerald and Paragon Card membersBusiness-class zone5,000 miles
Emerald and Paragon Card membersExclusive zone10,000 miles

Redemption Regulations

  1. Members have to apply for this privilege by showing membership cards at the airport VIP lounge counters. Reservation is not accepted. This privilege is subject to seat availability.
  2. China Airlines may request members to sign the 'Consent Letter for Mileage Deduction' for verification.
  3. Both the host member and guest must take China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines operated flights.
  4. The accompanying infant under age of 2 are exempt from mileage deduction. Children over two years old need the same mileage deduction as adults.
  5. China Airlines will handle applications on a first-come-first-service basis. The higher membership will have priority in case more than two members apply at the same time.
  6. The VIP lounge usage is limited to opening hours. Members and their guests shall adhere to the rules of the VIP lounge. In the event of a violation, China Airlines reserves the right to charge double the mileage or the equivalent fees and may temporarily suspend or revoke the member's eligibility for 'VIP Lounge Usage' and/or other privileges depending on the circumstances.
VIP lounge usage rules
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