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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

  • The following benefits apply only to China Airlines' and Mandarin Airlines' self-operated flights, and not to code-shared flights operated by other airlines.
  • The details of each benefit program are as follows:

Convenient reservation
Mileage earning/awards
Additional miles for Package
Cash discounts for Package
Birthday gift miles-
Upgrade mileage---Receive 10,000 miles when upgraded to Paragon Card
Renewal Gift Mileage--Emerald members will receive 9000 milesParagon members will receive 15000 miles
Upgrade welcome offer--
Reservation hotline and fax-
Priority reservation wait list-
72-hour reservation confirmation--
Advance seat selection-
Exclusive airport check-in counter-
Extra baggage allowance-One piece (piece concept) or 10 kg (weight concept)One piece (piece concept), or 20 kg (weight concept)Two piece (piece concept), or 20 kg (weight concept)
Priority baggage handling-
Discounts on duty-free goods--
Airport VIP Lounge access-Member self onlyMember plus 1 companion at self-operated or authorized third-party operated lounges
  1. Self-operated lounges: Member plus 2 companions (no limit on number of accompanying children)
  2. Authorized third-party operated lounges: Member plus 1 companion
Spouse upgrade--
Incentive mileage---additional 20% incentive mileage
Spouse Gold Card---
Domestic ticket discount5% off
10% off
10% off10% off

Convenient Reservation

When making a reservation, you need to only give us your membership card number for an express reservation.

Earn Miles

Members who take self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines or other partner airlines and use applicable tickets can accumulate mileage for each scheduled flight. When using the services or products of our partners, such as credit card consumption, hotel accommodation and car rental, members can also accumulate mileage (please refer to Partnership Mileage Program).

※ The name on the membership card must be the same as that on the passport. On/after 19 March 2016, due to new system restriction, "Also known as name" will not be recognized as member's name when making a reservation, which means your flight mileage will not be credited automatically and timely : 

  • Should making a reservation yourself or through a travel agent, please ensure to give our service personnel both your membership number and your official name (which appears on your card).
  • If you have reserved by Also known as name for a trip which is travelling on/after 19 March, please provide a photocopy of your ticket (or ticket number if it is an electronic ticket) and your boarding pass as well as your membership card number within six months of your flight departure, China Airlines will verify and correct your mileage manually within six weeks. Or you can log in CI website Dynasty Member/ My Account to correct your mileage online.

Redeem Miles

The mileage accumulated by members can be used to redeem free tickets, upgrade cabin class, and use airport VIP lounges or to save excess baggage fees, spendings at Dynasty Sky Boutique, (please refer to Redeem Miles).

Dynasty Package Benefits

Members who purchase Dynasty Package products can get: 

  1. Extra mileage: 1,500 miles for a long-haul flight, 500 miles for a short-haul flight. 
  2. Cash discounts: If you purchase a flight departing from Taiwan, you can get a TWD 1,000 discount for a long-haul flight and a TWD 500 discount for a short-haul flight. 
  3. Extra baggage allowance: Except for the routes to/from America (including Guam) and Canada, DFP members can enjoy the benefit of 10-kg extra baggage (applicable only to the self-operated flights of China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines, not to code-shared flights operated by other airlines).

Flight Mileage Calculation

Booking classes in which you can accumulate flight mileage on China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines flights are as follows:

Cabin classTicket booking classAccrual percentage of flight mileageExample: TPE-LAX
Business/Premium Business ClassJActual mileage x 130%8,815
CActual mileage x 125%8,476
DActual mileage x 115%7,798
Premium Economy ClassW/UActual mileage x 115%7,798
EActual mileage x 100%6,781
Economy ClassY/B/MActual mileage x 100%6,781
K/V/TActual mileage x 80%5,425
R/Q/H/NActual mileage x 50%3,391
A/L/X/G/E/O/SActual mileage x 0%0
Non-mileage accumulation cabin classesP/I/A/X/Z/OActual mileage x 0%0

The mileage accumulated in U/I upgrade booking classes should be calculated based on the cabin class of the ticket used

Birthday Gift Miles

China Airlines offers extra bonus of 2,000 miles as a birthday gift for Gold/Emerald/Paragon card members who travel with revenue tickets on self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines during the month period of their birthdays. The extra bonus mileage will be credit to your account in the following month.

  • To enjoy this offer, DFP members have to use normal paid tickets.
  • Each member is entitled to such compliment once a year.

Upgrade Mileage

Emerald members who have been upgraded to Paragon membership can get 10,000 miles as reward.

Upgrade Welcome Offer

  1. Gold members who have been upgraded to Emerald membership can get one upgrade welcome offer which can be used only by the members themselves and cannot be transferred to others. 
  2. Emerald members who have been upgraded to Paragon membership can get one upgrade welcome offer which can be used only by the members themselves and cannot be transferred to others.
  3. The complimentary upgrade awards for Paragon and Emerald members are applicable for upgrade to Premium Economy Class and to (Premium) Business Class. Please contact the nearest customer service center or branch office for upgrade booking.
  4. The complimentary upgrade awards are transferrable for members reaching Paragon membership upgrade qualification on/after January 1st, 2017. Please contact the nearest customer service center or branch office for application within award's validity and follow the service rule below:
    (1)    In order to obtain sufficient time for this transfer process, please submit your application at least 2 weeks prior to flight departure.
    (2)    Only members in nominee list are applicable for transfer.
    (3)    Once an award is transferred to a member, it cannot be transferred again to a third party.
    (4)    Airports are not available for this transfer service.
    (5)    Upgrade welcome offer received before January 1st, 2017 remains available for Paragon member themselves only. 

Renewal Gift Mileage for Paragon and Emerald Members

As a token of appreciation for members' long-term patronage, effective from January 1st, 2017, extra mileage will be credited to Paragon and Emerald members reaching renewal qualification on membership renewal date. Paragon members will receive 15000 miles, and Emerald members will receive 9000 miles as renewal gift!

Customer Service Hotline

In Taiwan, China Airlines provides an exclusive Member Service Hotline for reservation and fax to Gold/Emerald/Paragon members.

Priority Reservation Wait List

For reservation by Gold/Emerald/Paragon members, if the flight they choose is full, they can be listed in the priority reservation wait list.

72-hour Reservation Confirmation

The Emerald and Paragon members (excluding companions) are assured seats when booking is made at least 72 hours before departure. If the requested flight or cabin class is unavailable when the reservation is made, China Airlines will arrange a seat on a flight before or after the requested flight or in another class on the requested flight. After the reservation is confirmed, the ticket used by the member should be consistent with the confirmed cabin class. The member shall be responsible for fare difference (if any) caused by such an arrangement. The reservation confirmation is not available for the following: 

  1. Upgrade award ticket 
  2. Free ticket, discount ticket, group ticket, promotional ticket and barter ticket 
  3. Charter flight or code-sharing flight operated by another airlines

Advance Seat Selection

Gold members and their companion(s) can enjoy advance seat selection. However, exit seats are unavailable for advance seat selection as they are limited. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Paragon/Emerald members and their companion(s) who want to select exit seats should contact our booking staff. Family couch is unavailable for seat selection, either. 

  • The reserved seats will be held till one hour before departure. In the event of unexpected airplane change or other unforeseeable factors, China Airline reserves the right to rearrange the pre-selected seats. 
  • Passengers who select exit seats should meet the selection criteria of our Exit Seat Arrangement Plan and be willing to help implement the requirements of the Plan (for details, please see Exit Seat Passenger Information).

Airport Courteous Reception

Gold/Emerald/Paragon Members have access to an exclusive check-in counter at the airport. They also take priority in boarding over Business Class Passengers.

Extra Baggage Allowance

  1. The piece concept is adopted for flights to/from America and Canada. Each piece of baggage should not exceed 23 kg on Economy Class, 28 kg on Premium Economy Class and 32 kg on Business Class. Other regions adopt the weight concept (the piece concept or weight concept is stipulated by the IATA and may be subject to change without notification).
  2. This benefit applies only to the self-operated flights of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines. If itineraries involve connecting flights of other airlines, this benefit is unavailable for sectors handled by other airlines. If a member first takes another airline and then transfers to our onward flight, a unified overweight baggage fee must be charged for the connecting flight and our sector due to connecting flight operations and system factors. Members can keep the relevant receipts properly to claim refund after the flight for the difference in extra baggage allowance at a China Airlines branch office. Baggage is limited to personal use only. No merchandise may be included.

Priority Baggage Handling

When taking on self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, Gold/Emerald/Paragon members can enjoy priority handling service for their baggage (this service is not available if the trip involves other carriers or code-shared sectors).

Discounts on In-flight Duty-free Goods

  • DFP members who pre-order duty-free goods on our website with amount above USD60 per flight can use mileage to offset part of the payment.
  • Emerald and Paragon members who show their membership cards to buy in-flight duty-free goods (excluding tobaccos and some commodities) can enjoy a 10% discount. (This discount cannot be used in combination with discounts for pre-ordered e-shopping duty-free goods.)

Airport VIP Lounge Access

Airport VIP Lounge Access When using the VIP lounge service, members should abide by the VIP Lounge Redemption

  • Emerald and Paragon members, when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines for an overseas trip, can access our airport VIP lounge.
  • Paragon members, when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, can invite two companions to our self-operated VIP lounges (Taoyuan-Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo Narita International Airport, San Francisco, Hawaii). For third-party VIP lounges, they can invite one companion.
  • Emerald members, when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, can invite one companion to VIP lounge (regardless of whether it is self-operated). 
  • The companions invited by Paragon or Emerald members do not have to be on the same flight as the Paragon or Emerald members, but they should be taking SkyTeam flights. 
  • Gold members can access our VIP lounges when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines for an overseas trip. 
  • VIP lounges are available to members only during the opening hours.
  • Within our self-operated VIP lounges, we have exclusive lounge areas(Taoyuan-Taipei included Supreme lounge, Tokyo Narita International Airport, San Francisco) for Emerald and Paragon members, when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines for an overseas trip or to transfer to an onward flight.

VIP Lounge Usage Privilege

Gold/Emerald/Paragon members can use mileage to redeem VIP lounge usage privilege and invite extra guests to our self-operated VIP lounges when taking China Airlines flights.

Spouse Upgrade

  1. When the spouse of an Emerald or Paragon member is traveling on the same flight but the cabin class is lower than the Emerald or Paragon member's, the spouse can be upgraded to the same cabin class as the member's. (This privilege is subject to seat availability). 
  2. After the upgrade procedure is completed, the Emerald or Paragon member and the spouse will not be listed in the priority list for further upgrade, even if such upgrade opportunities exist in the flight. Emerald and Paragon members should indicate the name of their spouses on the back of their membership cards and apply for spouse upgrade at the airport check-in counter. Applications are not accepted after boarding. Requesting spouse upgrade at the time of making reservation is not allowed. 
  3. Emerald and Paragon members themselves and their spouses must be flying with eligible tickets to enjoy this benefit. The following ticket types are not qualified for Emerald and Paragon members themselves or their spouses to have cabin class upgrade:
    • Mileage-for-upgrade tickets, tickets using upgrade welcome offer for cabin upgrade, award tickets, discount tickets or free tickets, group tickets, promotional tickets, booking class tickets and other non-mileage accumulation tickets; 
    • Discount tickets (AD,ID,DG,SC,BP,CG, etc.), barter tickets, infant tickets, labor tickets and free tickets; 
    • Group and individual tickets using G booking class. 
    • Promotional tickets (tickets using D ticket class for short haul and C/D/E ticket class for long haul) or with restrictions, and the booking/ticketing class which is not eligible for Cabin Class Upgrade. (Please refer to eligible ticket classes for cabin upgrade)

Incentive Mileage

Paragon members will get an additional 20% in incentive mileage for China Airlines flight in addition to the actual flight mileage.

Spouse Gold Card

Upon supplying China Airlines with relevant personal information, the spouse of each Paragon member will automatically become a Dynasty Flyer Program Gold member. (The Paragon member may nominate another family member to enjoy this privilege if his/her spouse holds a Gold Card or higher membership. The chosen member is not changeable.)

Domestic Ticket Discount

Gold, Emerald and Paragon members may enjoy a 10% discount off published fare for domestic tickets of Mandarin Airlines at designated ticket counters; other members are entitled to a 5% discount. 

  • Mandarin Airlines' domestic award tickets have to be issued at Mandarin Airlines' airport counters in Songshan and Taichung or ticketing counters in downtown Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.
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