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Fare Family

Fare Family
China Airlines has implemented Fare Family products on all international itineraries. You will be able to choose your own Fare Family products according to your needs for each trip, and fly however you want! From the Fare Family introduction below, you can select products suitable for you.
  • Fare Family products are only applicable to international flights marketed by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines. Fare rules governed under each individual fare family will be adjusted to align with the effectiveness of new fare family.
  • For the detailed ticket refund/change rules of each product, the various membership benefits, and booking itineraries, please refer to the full ticket fare rules and terms and conditions when booking.

Fare Family Type

● Applicable for tickets under piece system
Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Depending on the Fare Family that you have chosen, you can pre-select your seat for free or at a small fee.

● Introduction to the Seat Selection Service

  • Business Cabin: free of charge.
  • Premium Economy Cabin: For "Flex" or "Standard" product, seat selection is free. Passengers who purchased "Basic" products will be able to select seats for a small fee on the official website or the app, or select seats for free via Online Check-in 48 hours before flight departure. 

  • Economy Cabin:
    Three seat types are available for seat selection: (please refer to the seat map to the right) 

A. Extra Comfort Seat: Some of the seats in this category are emergency exit seats, which offer you more leg-room so that you can have a more comfortable flight.
The Extra Comfort seats are available for paid selection for all passenger who purchase Economy Class fare tickets.  However, based on Civil Aviation Regulation and to ensure flight safety, you must meet the requirements for emergency exit seats. Please read the information for emergency exit seats before making your choice.

B. Preferred Seat: This type of seats are located in the front rows of Economy cabin. We understand that you are eager to begin your long-awaited trip, now you will be able to start your journey with only a small additional cost.
You can purchase "Flex" product and choose Preferred Seat for free, or you can choose Preferred Seat for free via Online Check-in 12 hours before flight departure. 

C. Standard Seat: Seats other than Extra Comfort Seat and Preferred Seat are Standard Seat.
Passengers who purchased "Flex" or "Standard" product may choose Standard Seat for free.  If you purchase "Basic" or "Discount" product, you will still be able to choose Standard Seat with a small additional cost.  Of course, you can also select seats for free via Online Check-in within 48 hours before flight departure.

Seat Selection
● Seat Selection Fee
● Detailed Information about Seat Selection
Mileage Accrual

Mileage Accrual

1. To encourage members to experience the service of our Premium Business Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class, as well as to enable quicker and easier membership upgrade and renewal, based on different Fare Family, we have increased China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines mileage accrual and weighted trip for flights travelling.
If you are our Gold/Emerald/Paragon card member, you will be able to receive an extra 15%, 25%, 30% incentive of flown mileage as miles respectively. We welcome you to fly with us to get more miles!
For more details of each membership tier, please refer to Membership Benefits.
You can also use "Actual Mileage Table" to calculate miles you can accrue according to the itinerary and Fare Family products you purchased.
No-Show Fee

No-Show Fee

For tickets issued on/before 2023/10/31, if the passenger did not cancel the reservation before the flight took off and eventually fails to board the flight, or for tickets issued on/after 2023/11/01, if the passenger did not cancel the reservation 3 hours before the flight took off, and eventually fails to board the flight, No-Show fee will be imposed and paid by the passenger in accordance with the fare rule of each ticket before being allowed to take subsequent action of date change or refund on the ticket.


● Fare Family Products
● Changing or Canceling the Booking
● Seat Selection
● Mileage Accrual
● No-Show Fee
● Complimentary Wi-Fi Onboard