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The high-definition, in-flight multimedia on-demand viewing experience crafted by China Airlines offers you an exclusive selection of films, TV shows and music each month through Highlight, Show Time, Star, and Hit Movies. Please see below for more information.

*Applies to aircraft fitted with the Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) system: A350-900, A330-300, A321neo, 777-300ER.
*China Airlines offers a large range of HD movies on demand for passengers flying aboard the A350, A321neo and 777.
*If your aircraft is fitted with a large-display audio-video system (non-AVOD) please refer to the “Program Schedule” to see the content library for your destination.
*A321neo aircraft system is compatible with wireless Bluetooth connections. Please bring your own Bluetooth headphones to enjoy a rich and diverse in-flight entertainment experience.
*Earphone provided onboard is not suitable for children, it is recommended to bring your own earphone device onboard.

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Passengers have unlimited access to more than a hundred in-flight movies ranging from the latest blockbusters to unforgettable classics from around the world. 

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TV Shows

Content includes sports, travel, food, music, fashion, arts and culture, and trends. There are also popular TV series, environmental documentaries, as well as Taiwanese and international variety shows for passenger’s entertainment during the flight. 

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A 14-CD stacker offers a selection of 260 albums including classic Mandarin and Taiwanese songs, Western songs, Jazz music, ballads, Japanese/Korean/Hong Kong songs, as well as the original movie and TV soundtracks; 16 curated music channels feature DJs introducing the latest pop songs, classics, ballads and classical music from around the world. 

Together they provide the richest and most diverse in-flight offering of music. 

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Puzzles, adventure, sports, and children’s games provide unlimited fun during the journey
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Fantasy Sky Portable Wireless System

With China Airlines, you can now connect your mobile phone or tablet to the in-flight entertainment system with ease. Once the 737-800 aircraft reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet your personal electronic devices can be connected to the “Fantasy Sky” platform. Open fantasysky.china-airlines.com in the browser to enjoy in-flight entertainment services including movie/TV/music on-demand and flight tracking. To ensure peace and quiet in the cabin, please wear your own headphones while enjoying the multimedia content. Do check that your device is sufficiently charged before boarding. 

*In the interest of flight safety, please comply with the Electronic Devices Regulations when using personal electronic devices in the cabin.
*This service is compatible with personal electronic devices that support the latest version of the Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari) operating systems (browsers).
*On personal electronic devices some of the entertainment content will differ from other aircraft types due to copyright or other reasons.

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Dynasty Sky Reading

China Airlines knows that passengers love in-flight reading. The new “Dynasty Sky Reading” service offers a green option for enhanced epidemic prevention, allowing travelers to download over a hundred publications to their personal electronic devices (mobile phones and tablets) as many times as they’d like. China Airlines has created a novel reading experience, transcending international borders and allowing passengers to lose themselves in the air, transit, or during their travels.
To know more, refer to the video

Please download the "CAL App", tap "More" > "Dynasty Sky Reading" in the lower right corner and enter your flight details. You can now select publications for download.

Premium Business Class/Business Class & Paragon/Emerald Card travelers: From 5 days before boarding ~ 48 hours after arrival
Premium Economy Class and Gold Card travelers: From 48 hours before boarding ~ 48 hours after arrival
Economy Class and Dynasty Card travelers: From 24 hours before boarding ~ 48 hours after arrival


  • Please download over a Wi-Fi network before boarding for the best quality of service. 
  • Please check your connection speed and the remaining storage on the device. Make sure your device software has been updated to the latest version. 
  • In the interest of flight safety, please comply with the Electronic Devices Regulations when using this service. 
  • This service is not available with infant-in-lap and extra seat reservations (CBBG/EXST/STCR) 
  • China Airlines reserves the right to make adjustments to the service 
  • Publisher processing times indicate that the upload date may be different from the publishing date. 
  • Paid in-flight Wi-Fi service is available. To purchase, please refer to Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) system.
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