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Mileage Accumulation

Mileage Accumulation on China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines

Flight mileage refers to the mileage members earned by taking the scheduled international flights operated by China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines and the applicable flights of SkyTeam partner airlines. To ensure that your flight mileage is credited accurately and timely, please give our service personnel both your membership card number and your name (as it appears on your card), when making a reservation yourself or through a travel agent. When checking in at the airport, present your membership card to ensure that your mileage is automatically credited to your account. Further, please retain your ticket copy and boarding pass at least six months for the purpose of any future inquiries.

  1. Actual mileage refers to the mileage between departure and destination of a flight (subject to the IATA regulated Ticketed-Point-Mileage (TPM)). If a flight number is changed due to a transit, the actual mileage of the two flights will be calculated separately.
  2. When the ticket booking class and the boarding class are different, the flight mileage is calculated based on the lower of the two. China Airlines will calculate and confirm your mileage after departure. 
  3. The following kinds of tickets are excluded from flight mileage accumulation: free ticket, award ticket, infant ticket, and airline and travel industry discount tickets. The other regulations are detailed in the table below.
  4. If due to force majeure, a China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines flight is canceled or delayed and members are transferred to other airlines, the sector mileage will not be credited.
  5. Flight mileage can only be accumulated once per flight, regardless of what flight are taken. Additional mileage cannot be credited for additional tickets and seats.
  6. The calculation of weighted trip is based on the amount of segment in reservation; the amount of weighted trips earned from each segment will be dependent on ticket class.

Booking Classes Eligible for Mileage Credits on Applicable China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines Flights

Cabin classFare FamilyBooking classFlight mileage accrual ratioExample: Taipei - Los AngelesWeighted Trip
Business / Premium BusinessFlexJActual mileage x 175%11,8672
StandardCActual mileage x 150%10,1722
BasicDActual mileage x 125%8,4761.75
Premium EconomyFlexW/UActual mileage x 125%8,4761.5
StandardAActual mileage x 115%7,7981.25
BasicEActual mileage x 100%6,7811
EconomyFlexY/B/MActual mileage x 100%6,7811
StandardK/V/TActual mileage x 80%5,4251
BasicR/Q/H/NActual mileage x 50%3,3910.75
(between Taiwan and Hong Kong)
Actual mileage x 50%-0.5
DiscountLActual mileage x 0%00

  1. When a member uses O/Z/L/X/G/S class tickets then no mileage will be earned.
  2. For upgrade segment booked under I class and P class, the ticket class should refer to the original ticket purchased by members.
  3. The accrual ratio and trip count are on segments applied and a single flight number basis.
Mileage Validity

Mileage Validity

  1. The accumulated mileage is valid for 36 months (based on Taipei Local Time) beginning from the date of taking China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines/partnership airlines flights or the date of actual spending in the case of cross-industry cooperation. Mileage that has expired will be automatically invalidated at 00:00 am on the first day of each month. For example, the mileage accumulated in May, 2016 will expire on June 1, 2019 Taipei Local Time, and mileage accumulated in August, 2019 will expire on September 1, 2022 Taipei Local Time. The mileage accumulated must be redeemed for awards under the account of a valid card number within the validity period and used up according to rules.
  2. The mileage earned by one member may not be combined with another member's.

Mileage Correction and Management

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Mileage Calculator

Mileage Calculator

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