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These terms and conditions were last updated on 30 APR 2021.

Cookies Policy and Conditions

A "Cookie" is a small piece of data file which is downloaded onto your device by the website you are visiting. Cookies are sent by a web server to be stored on a web browser. The data collected from Cookies is to read and differentiate the preference of the individual user. The next time you visit the same website, Cookies ensure that your device is recognized. By using Cookies, this website can save information about visits and visitors. 

By using our website, you consent to the use of Cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. Depending on where you are located, you may have seen a pop-up to this effect on your first visit to our website. You may withdraw your consent or adjust the setting of Cookies at any time by following the instructions below.

1. Use of Cookies

We use Cookies on our website for the following purposes:

(1) Technical use

Enable our website to operate effectively, including but not limited to: 
  • Control website traffic to ensure that all users have the same stable and reliable service; 
  • Restrict the flow of important areas of the site and maintain its operational level; 

(2) Ease of use

The Cookies allow you to browse our web more easily, including but not limited to: 
  • Memorize your chosen language and country and provide relevant content; 
  • Track of Dynasty frequent flyer member numbers you have logged into the rewards program; 
  • When booking a flight, provide the departure airport that is most relevant to your location. 

(3) Analytic

Cookies are used to gather statistics on how you navigate and perform transactions on our website, including but not limited to:
  • Collect your fly experience and satisfaction data through questionnaires;
  • Understand how you navigate our website and trading practices to improve the usability. 

(4) Tracking and marketing

Use Cookies to collect relevant statistics on your browsing and trading activities on our website and provide you with more appropriate information, including but not limited to:
  • Allow our website to serve up different versions of web pages for marketing purposes; 
  • Allow third parties to provide appropriate advertising and track their effectiveness; 
  • Display relevant messages which offer a selection of products based on your browsing behaviors on our website and certain other websites.

2. Use of third-party Cookies

We also place third-party tracking code on our website, where a short text is written on the user's hard disk through the browser to read Cookies for the following usage: 

  • Determine and track visitor volume linked from third-party website's online advertisement to our website; 
  • Track the usage of our website for improvement; 
  • Display the promotion information or advertisement of products searched by the user, such as email, social media and banner advertisement.

3. Cookies duration

The duration of the Cookies can vary depending on its types and categories. Session Cookies disappear as soon as you leave the website; persistent Cookies will remain on your device until the expiration date is reached or after you delete the Cookies by your browser settings.

4. Cookies management and browser setting

You can adjust your browser settings to change our Cookies. If you prevent us from setting specific Cookies, you may find that some functions are not available or that certain parts of the website will not load. Find out how to adjust the settings for different browsers: 

5. Updates to the Cookie Policy

We will amend this Cookie Policy from time to time, and the changes will be effective from the date of posting; and the updated version will replace the earlier versions. Any changes to this Cookie Policy will be posted on www.china-airlines.com or App, and the date will be stamped so that you are aware of when the Policy was last updated.