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Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage (CBBG)

  • Passenger may purchase and book a seat to transport cabin baggage (CBBG); most of them are instruments, statues, valuable/fragile objects and urns. For necessary arrangement and delivery, please request CBBG on flights operated by CI/AE via our sales or reservation office(s) directly at least 48 hours prior to flight departure and confirmation should be received beforehand. CBBG must be packed properly by passenger himself/herself; the package material must not be made of glass. Only Instruments can be placed on floor. If the Instruments on floor exceeds the size specified on below table, it has to be accepted as checked baggage instead of CBBG. Instruments should install handle outside to facilitate carry and storage. If the dimension and weight of the CBBG comply with the carry-on baggage specification-not exceed 56 x 36 x 23 cm or 22 x 14 x 9 inches in size (length x width x height) or 7 kg in weight, the item can be handled as carry-on baggage to stow under the seat or in the overhead bin, carry-on baggage cannot be accepted as CBBG after on board.

  • “Properly Stowed” Cabin Baggage
    • Must not be loose and slippery after stowed.
    • Must not interfere with fetching emergency equipment.
    • Must not interfere with an emergency exit.
    • Must not interfere with an emergency evacuation route.
    • Must not impede any passenger watching the safety demonstration.
    • Must not interfere with the drop and usage of oxygen mask during emergent situation.

  • The maximum weight for CBBG is 75 kg.
  • Stowage Location for CBBG Available Seats for On-seat CBBG, refer to below table.
  • B777: The depth of the CBBG must reach 30 cm to be properly secured on the seats with Air Bag Restraint System in Business class.
  • B777/A350 Premium Economy seat cannot accept CBBG.due to equipment restriction.
  • Passenger is required to be seated in an adjacent seat for the custody of the CBBG.
  • Only 1 well-packed CBBG is allowed to occupy 1 passenger seat; in Y/CL, if the width of CBBG exceeds the width of the seat, passenger may pay for up to two passenger seats for storage.
  • Passenger travelling with CBBG is required to embark the aircraft prior to other passengers to ensure proper loading and securing of CBBG.
  • If a CBBG could not be properly secured and need to be carried as a checked-in baggage.
  • Re-seating is not allowed for both passenger and his/her CBBG.The extension seat belts for securing CBBG must not be untied or moved.
  • Principally, the passenger should disembark accompanying with his/her CBBG to comply with the “Carry-on Baggage” regulation, and the CBBG must be properly secured and stored after the passengers re-board the aircraft.

Available Seats for on-seat CBBG

Available Seats for On-seat CBBG
A/C TypeTL Seat No.Seat NumberSeat Limitation (W x D x H : CM)
B7773210ADGK, 16ADGK, 20ADGK, 23AK38 x 42 x 75
53JK, 54AC, 54DEFG, 61EF, 72AC, 72HK, 72DEFG38 x 42 x 75
A321neo1610ACHK, 12ACHK48 x 48 x 72
40ABJK, 68ABJK48 x 36 x 70
141ABJK,2AK48 x 48 x 80
6ABJK, 31ABJK42 x 42 x 70
B738A141ABJK 2AK48 x 48 x 80
6ABJK, 31JK, 32AB42 x 42 x 70
A3503210ADGK, 18ADGK38 x 42 x 75
40ABDEGJK, 52ABDEGJK 60DEG, 74AB, 75DEGJK38 x 42 x 75
A330311ABDGJK, 6ADGK48 x 47 x 80
8DEFG, 25AB, 26DEFGJK, 27DEFG, 41AB42 x 42 x 76
44DEG40 x 42 x 76
A33A311ABDGJK, 5ADGK48 x 48 x 76
8DEFG, 25AB, 26DEFGJK, 27DEFG, 41AB42 x 42 x 76
44DEG40 x 42 x 76
*stands for different seat configuration