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Musical Instruments

Small Musical Instruments

Small Musical Instruments

  • You can bring small musical instruments (like flutes or violins) as part of your hand carry baggage onto the plane if the dimensions is not exceed 100 x 36 x 23cm (length x width x height) and not over 7 kgs including the case and can be safely stowed inside the overhead locker or the space under your seat as part of your hand baggage allowance.
  • You can store larger musical instruments if both the dimension and weight are over the forgoing specification (like a Bass or a cello) on a purchased seat if you do not want to check them in. or check in it as a checked baggage.
  • You must store your instrument in a hard case.
  • Due to temperature variation, expansion and contraction of the neck of stringed instruments may occur. We advise passengers to loosen their strings before travel to prevent any strain or damage.
Over-sized Instruments

Over-sized Instruments

When the height or width of a CBBG instrument exceeds the seat limitation, it is considered as an over-sized instrument. It should not be placed on the seat and should be “Properly Stowed” on the floor and leaning to a passenger seat.

Available Seats for On-floor Over-sized Instruments as CBBG refer to below table.

  • The CBBG must not interfere with emergency evacuation.
  • May be placed on the floor of a window seat assembly in the first row in front of/ behind the partition, in order from the window side.
  • May be placed on the floor of the middle seats in the last row of economy class in dual-aisle aircrafts. In such condition, the same middle seat assembly shall not be occupied by passengers.
  • Transportation of musical instrument can be considered to be the traveler's checked baggage subject to checked baggage allowance restrictions. Transporting musical instrument as checked baggage, if the total dimensions of each musical instrument exceed 158cm(62in), 1 piece of excess baggage charge rate should be applied and can be accepted as checked baggage subject to space availability of cargo cabin on the flight (The charges please check Excess Baggage).
Available Seats for On-floor Over-Sized Instruments as CBBG
A/C TypeTL Seat No.Seat NumberFloor Limitation(W x D x H : CM)
B7772410AK, 16AK, 20AK, 23AK58 x 38 x 145
30AK, 36A, 37K48 x 28 x 145
53JK, 54AC, 72AC, 72HK, 72DEFG48 x 28 x 145
A321neo1210AK, 12AK48 x 35 x 145
40ABJK48 x 50 x 145
68ABJK48 x 25 x 145
141ABJK48 x 60 x 145
2AK48 x 35 x 145
6ABJK42 x 60 x 145
31ABJK42 x 25 x 145
B738A141ABJK48 x 60 x 145
2AK48 x 35 x 145
6ABJK42 x 60 x 145
31JK, 32AB42 x 25 x 145
A3501710AK, 18AK58 x 38 x 145
31AK, 34AK48 x 28 x 145
40AK, 52AK, 74A, 75DEGK48 x 28 x 145
A330151ABJK50 x 84 x 145
6AK50 x 40 x 145
25AB, 26JK45 x 30 x 145
41AB, 44DEG45 x 26 x 145
A33A151ABJK48 x 90 x 145
5AK48 x 60 x 145
25AB, 26JK, 41AB, 44DEG42 x 25 x 145
*stands for different seat configuration