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A350 Joint Livery with China Airlines and Airbus Arriving in Taiwan in October - First In-Flight Photos Revealed

Published: Jul 19, 2018

China Airlines is celebrating the delivery of all the new A350-900XWB aircraft on order by the end of October this year by partnering with Airbus to include both companies in the aircraft livery of the 14th and final A350 (Aircraft No. B-18918) to be delivered. The elegant design will be in the public eye by winter this year when the joint liveried aircraft will be put into service.
The joint livery will feature China Airlines' blue corporate identity colors interwoven with Airbus' classic carbon-fiber pattern at the tail of the aircraft. The combination of high-tech style together with the beauty of traditional weaving symbolizes the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures; the vertical stabilizer will also be painted with the progressive hues of the "Red Plum Blossom." The joint liveried aircraft featuring the carrier's corporate colors will emphasize the China Airlines brand image of elegance and energy.
China Airlines has introduced several A350 liveried aircraft to date. The first was aircraft B-18901 introduced in 2016 featuring the "Syrmaticus Mikado", one of Taiwan's national treasures in the bird world; the introduction of the second liveried aircraft numbered B-18908 with the "Urocissa Caerulea" in the leading role represented an important milestone as it was also the 100th A350 to be delivered by Airbus. The design of China Airlines liveried aircraft promotes the cultural and environmental highlights of Taiwan. When China Airlines' liveried aircraft fly through the skies they also showcase Taiwan to the world.
The introduction of the A350 has enhanced the quality of passenger services offered by China Airlines. The A350 are now used for non-stop services to European destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Rome, as well as all destinations in Oceania. Some now fly to Asia-Pacific destinations such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok and Jakarta. Cabin lighting capable of 1.67 million colors combines mood lighting with music to create a fun, pleasant and relaxing environment that helps to reduce jet lag. The aircraft also produces 20% less external noise than conventional passenger aircraft while cabin noise is just 57 dB, greatly enhancing overall passenger comfort.
The introduction of the A350 symbolizes the revitalization of the China Airlines fleet. The cabin design has garnered numerous awards including Japan’s Good Design Award which is one of the top 4 international design awards, “Best Business Class Seating” from the renowned U.S. travel magazine Global Traveler, as well as “TheDesignAir Readers Poll Awards 2016” and the “TheDesignAir Awards 2016” from the international aviation design website TheDesignAir. (2018/07/27)

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