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Customer Service Hotline

Region / CountryTelephone NumberOffice hour
Taiwan(Taiwan) 412-9000
Mon-Fri (GMT+8) 08:00~18:30
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:30
Japan+81-3-6378-8855Mon-Fri (GMT+9) 09:00~12:00, 13:00~17:30
Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holiday
Hong Kong+852-2868-2299Mon-Fri (GMT+8) 08:30~18:30
Sat, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:00
Sun closed
China+86-400-888-6998Daily (GMT+8) 08:30~17:30
North America+1-800-227-5118In relation to the COVID-19, office hours will be amended from 09NOV 2020 until further notice:
Mon-Fri (GMT-8PT) 09:00~17:30 West coast time
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday (GMT-8PT) 07:00~15:30 West coast time
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