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China Airlines Dynasty Flyer Award Levels and Service Changes

We thanks for your continuous support and flying with us, in order to optimize booking and ticketing process, China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines will migrate to new passenger service system on Saturday, 19 March 2016 Taiwan time. 
At the same time, the award levels and applied period will be adjusted for the award issuing on/after March 19. Please take note of the following key events:

I.The Award Levels will be adjusted.
  1. The new award levels are applicable for all year round without blackout dates. Flying up in an easier way during the peak season.
  2. The new levels are applied to the awards issued on/after 19 March, the old levels are only valid for the awards issued on/before 18 March 2016.
  3. The Ticket Award Levels for one ticket on the following long haul flights will be adjusted as below: 
    Ticket Award Levels
    Award TicketBooking ClassOne WayRound Trip
    * Between Asia (excluding Guam) and North America/Europe/Australia/New Zealand 
    * Between Tokyo and Hawaii
    All year roundAll year round
    Economy Class X66,000110,000
    Premium Economy Class Z72,000120,000
    Business ClassO90,000150,000

  4. The Upgrade Award Levels for one segment on the following flights are adjusted as follows:
    Upgrade Award Levels
    Award TypeBooking ClassShort HaulLong Haul

    * Between any two points in Asia
    (including Guam and Delhi) 

    * Cross-strait schedule flights
     * Australia - New Zealand

    Offer Economy/Business Class serviceOffer Premium Economy/
    Premium Business Class service
    * Between Taipei and Australia or New Zealand 
    * Between Tokyo and Hawaii 
    * Between Delhi and Rome
    * Between Taipei and North American/
    * Between Taipei and Europe
    * Between Bangkok and Amsterdam
    * Between Taipei and North American/Europe
    * Taipei to Vancouver(74C Operated)
    All Year RoundAward CodeAll Year RoundAward CodeAll Year RoundAward CodeAll Year RoundAward Code
    Upgrade from Economy Class
    to Premium Economy Class 
    Upgrade from Premium Economy Class
    to Premium Business Class 
    Upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class/
    Premium Business Class 
    4.1 Except the Y/B/M class, you may use K/V/T/R/Q/H/N ticket classes to reserve your upgrade service on the long haul routes (Offer Economy/Business Class service) from 19 March, 2016.
    4.2 Easier steps to redeem upgrade award, please refer to PDF file attached.

  5. The handling charge of 4% mileage of the award transfer service will not be accepted, a fixed 3,000 miles will be charged instead. The handling fee of TWD$1,500 (or the equivalent amount in local currencies) will be charged for refunding or reissuing each CI/AE international award ticket. TWD100 will be charged for refunding or reissuing each Mandarin domestic award ticket.
II. Due to new system restriction, the following functions will be suspended from 19 March 2016, we will keep you updated as the service is resumed:
  1. SkyTeam Upgrade Award service is suspended.
  2. Service for mileage purchase for immediate cabin upgrade at the airport is suspended. Please make sure you have sufficient mileage and apply your upgrade award ahead.  
  3. Award ticket Online Redemption service is suspended till Mid-April, 2016. Still you may apply for award ticket by contacting with China Airlines branch offices.
We will do all possible to minimize inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.More details please refer to China Airlines-Dynasty Member web page or to download Membership Guide for more details.  
Sincerely yours,
Dynasty Flyer Program Department 
China Airlines, Ltd.