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Updates on using "Also known as name" while booking

On Saturday, 19 March 2016 - China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines will migrate our reservations system to the Amadeus Altéa Suite. Due to new system restriction, "Also known as name" will not be recognized as member's name when making a reservation, which means your flight mileage will not be credited automatically and timely. Should making a reservation yourself or through a travel agent, please ensure to give our service personnel both your membership number and your official name (which appears on your card).

If you have reserved by Also known as name for a trip which is travelling on/after 19 March, please provide a photocopy of your ticket (or ticket number if it is an electronic ticket) and your boarding pass as well as your membership card number within six months of your flight departure, China Airlines will verify and correct your mileage manually within six weeks. If you have taken a China Airlines flight with an issued ticket, you can log in CI website Dynasty Member/ My Account to correct your mileage online. Please refer to our website for more details
Thank you. 
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Dynasty Flyer Program Department