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Your safety, well-being and trust is CAL commitment and mission

Dear Members,
As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, we recognize it is an unprecedented challenge of the global health crisis. As always, your safety, well-being and trust is our commitment and mission. China Airlines is working closely with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control on the latest developments and makes necessary flight adjustments. For passengers who must fly at this critical time, we adopt the highest sanitation standards in cleaning and disinfecting our cabins. Here are some of the precautionary measures we've implemented.
Thorough cabin disinfection & deep cleaning
After the end of flight, we use special aircraft disinfecting and cleaning agent (Calla 1452 or Ardrox1820) to perform full cabin disinfection. After disinfection of the entire plane, we let the interior sit for 30 minutes before operating the air conditioning system. We place special emphasis on cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces.
Fresh and recycled air quality
On average, the air in aircraft is completely changed every 2-3 minutes. Cabin air is supplied from outside air taken in by the aircraft's engines after conditioning. Before this air is ventilated into the cabin, it is filtered through HEPA medical-grade filters—the same grade as used in surgical rooms—which remove 99.99% of particulate matter, bacteria, and viruses from the air.
Inflight and meals service safeguards
The crew must take the temperature before and after duty, wash hands frequently, put on gloves and wear masks when they are on duty. On-board catering and service supplies, such as one-time supplies, main course on the tray are introduced and table cloth, menu card/wine list are not provided to reduce the possibility of personal contact during services.
Take a forehead temperature before boarding and wear face masks throughout the flight
To keep our crew and passengers healthy, China Airlines & Mandarin Airlines have immediately taken the following measures,
  1. All passengers are required to wear face masks throughout the flight. (Except for having meals or drinks)
  2. All passengers (including transit passengers) have to take a forehead temperature when boarding and their measurements must be lower than 37.5 ℃ (99.5℉).
To provide you a more flexible way to arrange travel plans, we offer a “Making Changes as You Wish” to waive ticket rebooking fee for tickets issued during applicable period. In consideration of uncertainty of your travel plan due to COVID-19 pandemic, China Airlines has made ”Short-term adjustment to the qualification for Dynasty Membership Upgrade & Renewal” to protect your privileges and benefits. At the same time we elevate Paragon and Emerald member benefits exclusively.
China Airlines is committed to caring for your safety and well-being and continues to coordinate with Taiwan CDC and public health officials on all required health- and safety-related measures regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). CAL offers heartfelt thanks to those who have persistently provided support and care that allow CAL to face the challenges and risks while pursuing the sustainable growth more steadily.
Sincerely yours,
China Airlines