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China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and NCKU Form Industry-Academia Partnership to Cultivate Aviation Management Talent

Published: Nov 09, 2015

The strong outlook of the global aviation industry means demand for talent is continuing to grow. China Airlines Chairman Huang-Hsiang Sun ,China Airlines President and Mandarin Airlines Chairman Yu-Hern Chang today (11/08) signed memorandums of understanding on a “Strategic Cooperation Framework for Cultivation of Aviation Talent" with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to jointly establish a “Civil Aviation Credit Curriculum". Chairman Chang will not only teach the course personally but also provide specialist teachers to pass on real-world experience and know-how from the industry. The teaching of transportation management expertise and cultivation of outstanding aviation management talent will help strengthen the foundation and growth of the domestic civil aviation industry.

China Airlines Chairman Sun said that the “Civil Aviation Credit Curriculum" being jointly promoted by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and NCKU will focus on business and management. These represent the core of airline operations and will be invaluable to students. China Airlines offers the most comprehensive training courses in the industry. Many university graduates go on to continue their professional training at China Airlines before entering the industry each year. China Airlines hopes that cooperation with NCKU will cultivate even more high-quality talent for the aviation industry and that this cooperation with NCKU will be expanded in the future.

China Airlines President and Mandarin Airlines Chairman Chang noted that the industry-academia cooperation gives students interested in entering the aviation industry a chance to learn about the operations and nature of the industry in advance. This will not only help them settle into their future jobs more quickly but also reduce the cost of finding talented employees for companies. The new cooperation between China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and NCKU represents a win-win outcome for the industry, universities and students.

The “Civil Aviation Credit Curriculum" being promoted by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and NCKU will focus on cultivating competent aviation management expertise and enhancing industry competitiveness. All current students interested in aviation-related fields may apply for admission. The core course of “Aviation Business and Management" will be taught personally by Chairman Chang. Department heads from China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines will also be involved in the teaching of other courses. Off-campus practicum at China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines is also planned to expand students horizons. Once students complete the 24 credit courses and receive the relevant qualifications from the university, they will be presented with an “NCKU Proof of Civil Aviation Credit Curriculum" that will make them more attractive to aviation industry employers.

The China Airlines Group has long cultivated local aviation expertise through promoting a variety of industry-academia cooperation programs in flying, maintenance, freight and tourism management. The scope of cooperation has been expanding since 2010 with programs progressively set up with Tamkang University, Feng Chia University, National Taipei University of Technology, Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and National Formosa University in a variety of different fields. The latest development marks the first such partnership with NCKU. According to surveys of the top 1000 companies in Taiwan conducted by CommonWealth, Global Views and Cheers magazines, NCKU has been on the list of “preferred universities among employers" for many years. The China Airlines Group has many employees who are outstanding NCKU alumni including President Yu-Hern Chang and Senior Vice President Hsing-Huang Kao at China Airlines, and President Roger Han of Mandarin Airlines. The airline’s exceptional human resources therefore have close links with NCKU. (2015/11/08)