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China Airlines Wins Top Prize at 2016 Rose Parade with The Traditional Beauty of Lanyu

Published: Jan 02, 2016

The 127th Rose Parade was held on New Year’s Day in Pasadena and China Airlines won the International Trophy once again. The design focus this year was “Venture to Majestic Taiwan” and the traditional “Flying Fish Festival” unique to the Tao people of Lanyu was chosen as the theme to display the natural beauty of Taiwan on the international stage.
The design of the China Airlines “Venture to Majestic Taiwan” float spoke to the spirit of adventure in sailing across the sea surrounded by flying fish. This was in keeping with the theme of “Find your adventure” chosen for the Rose Parade this year. The float measured 55 feet in length, 35 feet in height and 18 feet in width. The balangay, or plank-built boat, unique to Lanyu served as the main body. Electric simulation technology was used to make the boat look as if it was sailing across the sea. The float was also decorated with the traditional totems of the Tao people including wave carvings and flying fish patterns. The eye motif, which looks like a gear wheel, in particular represents the eyes of the boat and wards off evil. The “Flying Fish Festival” in Taiwan embodies respect for the natural environment as well as the embracing of ecological sustainability. It therefore complements China Airlines’ longstanding support for green energy, environmental protection and sustainable development. 
The vivid floral colors on the float represented the diverse ecological environment in Taiwan. By moving in time, the ten young professional dancers serving as the oarsmen demonstrated a spirit of enterprise and teamwork. Six lovely China Airlines flight attendants were also on hand to interact with the audience. In this way, they conveyed the warmth and energy of Taiwan to the world for the new year and showed off Taiwan’s soft power.
China Airlines has won 25 successive awards since it first began taking part in the Rose Parade in 1987. This year, China Airlines partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Bureau to become the only winning airline. China Airlines has coordinated with the themes of the Rose Parade every year to promote the unique culture of Taiwan on the international stage. This year, China Airlines hopes to inspire more global travelers to venture to Taiwan and experience its beauty for themselves! (2016/01/02)