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China Airlines 2022 “We are all here” Calendar Features Cargo Team for the First Time

Published: Nov 11, 2021

China Airlines adopted hip illustrations for the first time in its new 2022 “We are all here” calendar. The innovative design also combines the best features of wall and desktop calendars. The calendar focuses on China Airlines teams at work in different fields. The cargo team that is now the backbone of business operations is featured in the calendar for the first time along with pilots, cabin crews, ground crews and maintenance. There may be fewer travelers exploring the world now but the teams at China Airlines have continued to fly across the globe delivering cargo that form the lifeblood of the economy. The teams are holding down the fort, making sure every trip is successfully accomplished, while awaiting passengers to return.
The cover of the 2022 “We are all here” calendar turns the gaze skyward, where the iron bird with its wings spread wide prepares to welcome a new and better world in the coming year. Each of the 12 calendar pages feature personnel that represent the professionalism and dedication of the China Airlines team, and their anticipation to travelling with passengers around the world once more. COVID-19 has changed how people live and shop. It has also put greater demands on the global flow of cargo, leading China Airlines to play an even more important role in international transport. The load controller for April and cargo agent for September have been on the apron day after day even before COVID-19. It is their job to make sure that every piece of cargo that passes through the apron and aircraft holds are delivered safely and securely to their destination. Their quiet work behind the scenes is vital to the team.
China Airlines has been in operation for 62 years with a long and proud tradition of re-inventing itself and staying relevant with new generations. The maintenance technician for February and the pilot in July represent the focus on quality and legacy. The former embraces the spirit of craftsmanship to ensure aviation safety. The latter represents China Airlines as one big family where multiple members and generations from the same families all work together to bring professionalism to every flight. The months that feature ground and cabin crews take travelers on a tour of the airport again. As they proceed through the check-in counters, the VIP lounge, the Departures lounge and cabins, they are welcomed by friendly and dedicated China Airlines staff: “We are all here, welcome aboard again.”
China Airlines calendars have always enjoyed great popularity among the general public and has become collectibles. New themes are chosen every year including classical collectibles, character portraits and even select paintings. The inspiration for this year was the role of teams. Contemporary illustrations, the meticulous lines of fine brush paintings and layered nuances flow together in a hip fashion.
In the 2022 China Airlines calendar, one page is allocated for each month to create a fresh and functional new look. The 12 pages offer more writing space and are textured for ease of writing as well. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a desk as desired. The China Airlines calendar is not for sale. Only 80,000 copies of the China Airlines calendars will be printed and given away to frequent flyers, business customers and partners. As we reminisce about flying together again, the team at China Airlines continues to be by your side every step of the way. (2021/11/11)