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China Airlines Unveils Baseball Flight in Support of CPBL

Published: Feb 02, 2016

China Airlines partnered with the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for the first time today (Feb 3) to launch the "CAL Supports CPBL " baseball-themed flight. Travelers will join the CPBL All-Star Team on their flight to Japan. Once there, they can cheer on Taiwan in Nagoya and Osaka during the "2016 CHINESE TAIPEI vs. SAMURAI JAPAN PRO. BASEBALL MATCHUP", and also witness "The No.1 Slugger in Taiwan" Chin-Feng Chen's last international appearance for Taiwan before his retirement. The 5-day itinerary runs from March 3 through to March 7. Tickets will be made available on the China Airlines website from 12:00 noon on March 3. 
China Airlines President Yu-Hern Chang today attended the press conference to launch the sale of the "2016 CHINESE TAIPEI vs. SAMURAI JAPAN PRO. BASEBALL MATCHUP – CAL Supports CPBL."  During the conference, he presented Chih-Yang Wu, the CPBL Commissioner and Team Manager of CPBL All-Star, with a model of the A330 aircraft that will carry out the flight, and received in return a special baseball jersey with the number 56 representing the 56th anniversary of China Airlines. The ceremonial alliance between the two parties embodies the spirit of "CAL Supports CPBL." CPBL All-Star players Yi-Zheng Wang, Szu-Chi Chou, Kuo-Hui Kao, and Yung-Chi Chen were also present for the festivities on the day. Flight attendants from China Airlines even formed a cheerleader squad to perform a rousing dance for the CPBL All-Star team.
President Yu-hern Chang said that he was honored to witness this partnership between China Airlines and CPBL. China Airlines has always been a strong supporter of national sporting competitions and baseball is particularly popular with the general public. The sporting importance of the 2016 Taiwan vs. Japan Baseball Challenge made it natural for China Airlines to take the lead and become the first airline in Taiwan to offer a baseball-themed flight. Together, China Airlines and CPBL can live up to the spirit of "CAL Supports CPBL" and back the national team's bid to do their country proud.
Baseball flight CI 2154 will depart at 7:00 in the morning on March 3 and is scheduled to arrive at Nagoya Airport in 10:35. The CPBL All-Star team will travel to Japan aboard the same flight, giving baseball fans a chance to meet with their favorite players. Every passenger will receive special gifts including an A330 aircraft model commemorating the series, a No. 1 luggage tag, a CAL supports CPBL cheer stick, custom key ring and exclusive carry bags. Flight attendants will also put on baseball jerseys and serve up the "Winning Start In-Flight Meal" to keep passengers fully charged. Lucky bags will be sold on-board and a mid-air lucky draw will be held as well.
Exclusive to this package are guaranteed tickets to the two games in Nagoya and Osaka. The banquet on the first night will feature appearances by players, a prize quiz and prize-draw to give baseball fans an unforgettable evening. The 5-day itinerary will not only include a chance to experience the unique culture of Japan such as Nagoya Castle, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Ise Shrine, and Atsuta Shrine. Baseball fans will also live their dream through a behind-the-scenes tour of the Nagoya Dome from the bullpen to the player lockers, as well as the Koshien Baseball Stadium and Museum. On Day 5, they will board the regular China Airlines flight CI 159 to depart from Osaka at 10:00 and arrive in Taipei by 12:20.
Several different ticketing options are available for the "CAL Supports CPBL" baseball flight. Economy Class with Double Room is NTD 39,900 (before tax; estimated tax is NTD 1,880); and Business Class with Double Room is NTD 48,400 (before tax; estimated tax is NTD 1,880). Bookings will be accepted through the China Airlines website from 12:00 noon on February 3 and seats are limited. 
Having previously launched the "Sunrise Charter Flight ", "Old as Pines Mother’s Day", "Hail Kumamoto" and "Aurora Express" themed flights in 2015, China Airlines received an enthusiastic response with its 2016 "Sunrise Charter Flight" again this year. These innovative products have all proven very popular and provided travelers with a more diverse travel options. The offering of the baseball flight will hopefully be "sold out instantly" like the other packages as well. (2016/02/02)

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