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China Airlines Named Designated Carrier for “Treasures from Heaven: A Special Exhibition of Artifacts from the Holy See”

Published: Jan 28, 2016

Due to China Airlines’ expertise and experience in air freight the airline has been chosen to transport a collection of rare treasures from the Vatican to Taiwan. This means 60 sets of artifacts chosen by the Holy See will appear in all of their glory in Taipei! The “Treasures from Heaven: A Special Exhibition of Artifacts from the Holy See” opening on February 5 co-organized by the National Palace Museum and the Holy See marks the first time these artifacts have left the Vatican.
Working to the schedule set by the organizers, China Airlines handled these rare and priceless artifacts like “national treasures” during transportation and adopted the most comprehensive security measures throughout the process; for surface transportation, air-suspension trucks were used to protect against vibration; the utmost care was also taken during handling; the entire journey was monitored by security cameras and security guards were stationed to control personnel access. Maximum security was maintained every step of the way.
To transport the collection, China Airlines dispatched its most experienced freight handlers to handle everything from the packaging to the loading and securing of the pallets aboard the aircraft. Apart from following the China Airlines “Operating Procedure for Special and Valuable Cargo”, additional protective measures were also applied to all of the artifacts. Once the artifacts had been crated and multiple protective layers applied by the professional company, they were moved to the freight area and covered in waterproof tarpaulin before a final wrapping in plastic film. The crates of artifacts were placed in special pallets and secured with special ties, tied down at multiple points, and water-absorbent paper was placed in the bottom of the pallet for damp protection. The entire special pallet was itself wrapped in tarpaulin and plastic film. Nothing was left to chance in terms of protection and security.
As precious artworks may be affected by low temperatures at high altitudes, China Airlines kept the cabin temperature between 17 - 23 degrees and placed the cargo in selected areas. The China Airlines spirit of “Customer First” was demonstrated throughout the transportation process. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the freight service, more people can now enjoy these precious artifacts from the collection of the Holy See.
China Airlines possesses 21 freighters and 70 passenger aircraft. It has extensive experience in the transportation of rare, valuable cargo including: Baby penguins that required low-temperatures throughout the journey, Russian beluga whales weighing up to 1200 kg, the almost extinct Black Rhino, and Ike the baby giraffe that measured 9-feet in height. All of these animals have flown aboard a China Airlines flight at one time; China Airlines has also transported FORMOSAT-2 Satellite and other large, sophisticated, high-tech manufacturing equipment. Despite demanding transport requirements every mission was completed successfully.
China Airlines has also transported many other precious collections. The exhibits for “The Indian Civilization Exhibition”, “Modern Mongolian Civilization Exhibition”, and “Kongo Kingdom Art” at the National Museum of History, as well as large-scale art exhibitions such as the “Special Exhibition of Formosa”, “Flying Dinosaurs”, “Virtual Love” and the first exhibition of “A Century of German Genius” in Asia, were all transported to Taiwan by China Airlines; China Airlines even assisted the National Palace Museum with transporting national treasures overseas for special exhibitions such as “Treasures of the Sons of Heaven”, “Genghis Khan and his Heritage”, and “Treasured Masterpieces from Taipei.” China Airlines will continue striving to satisfy the needs of every customer through the provision of optimal flight quality. (2016/01/28)

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