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                                                                                                            Let's fly to Cebu, Chiang Mai, Da Nang 

Do you wish to:

Visit Cebu to swim in the same water with sea turtles and white sharks and enjoy the gentle tap of the seawater.

Experience climbing from bottom up to the top of a waterfall, and have the cool, refreshing water splash on your body in the rain forest of Chiang Mai.

Have fun taking a bamboo basket boat and enjoy a feast of sea food and Vietnamese cuisine in Da Nang.  

China Airlines have flights to Cebu, Chiang Mai, and Da Nang to fulfill all your wishes, now let's fly to a sunny destination!


Schedule to Cebu

RouteFlight No.Departure TimeArrival TimeDay of the Week
Taipei - CebuCI70508:1011:05Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun
Cebu - TaipeiCI70612:0515:00Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun

Schedule to Chiang Mai 

RouteFlight No.Departure TimeArrival TimeDay of the Week
Taipei-Chiang MaiCI85107:3010:20Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat
Chiang Mai-TaipeiCI85211:2016:00Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat

Schedule to Da Nang 

RouteFlight No.Departure TimeArrival TimeDay of the Week
Taipei-Da NangCI78914:3016:35Mon/Tue/Fri
Da Nang-TaipeiCI79017:3521:25Mon/Tue/Fri
Taipei-Da NangCI78706:4508:50Wed/Sat
Da Nang-TaipeiCI78809:5013:40Wed/Sat

*Schedules are subject to change

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